Thursday, March 30, 2006

Update for the week ... sorta

My mother in law pointed out to me today that I have not updated my blog since Monday. Oops! So sorry devoted readers of my blog! So here is a recap of the week! :D

Caitlin is always asking me to take her picture. So the other day when she was watching TV, I took her picture. Several times; and Spots picture also. She was watching Scooby Doo, Zoe was sleeping, I was scrap booking, and the cats, as usual, were sleeping.

When I went to the doctor for my bruises, he did some blood work. He called and left a message that my blood work looked normal but one level of something was a bit off and to call him if I get more bruises. When I was in the shower on Monday, I noticed that my bruising came back, in the same spot. So I called and talked with his nurse today and she told me to make an appointment with the Hematologist. So I have an appointment April 13th for that.

Tony got hired for a job at the Finish Line on Tuesday. It was weird because I had a strange feeling that day. I can not describe it, it was just different and I knew something was going to happen that day but was not sure what. I guess Tony also had that feeling when he walked past the store. They let him apply on the spot even though you are supposed to apply online since they don’t open until Friday. Awesome. My husband has a job!!

Yesterday when I got home from picking Caitlin up from preschool, I checked the phone to see if anyone called. Well I saw that Ron & Carol called, so I returned their call. They told me we are moving the birthday party to their house on Sunday. It’s easier for Grandma Helen and Jodi to have it there. Also my grandparents are getting up there in age too. We decided that we are going to have spaghetti and meatballs with some garlic bread, and sandwiches for those who do not like the main meal. I’m kind of excited because I found a super easy recipe for cream puffs and I plan to make some for the party.

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