Monday, April 14, 2008

New things

Ok... the last few months I have come across several websites claiming to have the best product and if you send them 10 dollars you can give a hippo water roller to poor people in Africa so they can haul clean water to their homes. Then I come across another website about sending the people in Africa croc shoes so they no longer have to walk barefoot. Now today, I came across the next new lifesaving product called a LifeStraw. As much as I would love to help out the African people, I must say my family must come first. Whether it be shoes, clothes, books, toys, they just come first. Usually, I then come second lol. I hope if you read this, and if you have an extra $10 you could help send these people the shoes, straws, and rollers that they need.

In my next life I hope to be a rich humanitarian so I can travel the world and lend a hand where needed. It wont happen in this lifetime, and I apologize for that...

And.. I just want to add, that if I did have an extra $10, I would put it towards one of several things on my current "want & need" list: getting the fence put up, cutting down the Mulberry tree so we can have back that part of our yard, an outdoor patio set so the inlaws and us have a nice place to sit outside while we have BBQ's (and so I have a table outside to do homework on), insulation for our attic and sidewalls, a hammock chair and stand, and well an emergency savings fund.

So again, I feel bad for those who are starving and can not have safe drinking water in Africa, I do think that we should focus a bit on the American society too. There are starving people here also, even though you can not tell by looking at the number of morbidly obese. There are also homeless people who have families... For the richest country, we sure treat our own pretty shitty when it comes to them being homeless, disabled, or even an armed forces vet. Lets get AMERICA put back together first.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


My husband asked me at the last minute to make a card for a co-worker for his 15th wedding anniversary. Heres what I came up with

Well fine.

I will update my blog. I don't remember how long it has been, but here I am...

I am currently trying to keep up with my homework, housework, kids, laundry, and this thing called spring cleaning. I actually love to do spring cleaning, but because of my backlog of laundry and housework, the spring cleaning does not get done.

My children have managed to keep their room clean since I cleaned it. They do go a couple of days without picking up, but it is still considered manageable.

I am so bogged down with homework, it seems to take me the entire week to complete my readings and assignments. Its ok, I wont be in school forever, right??

UGH The housework... We had Caitlin's birthday party on Wednesday night and the house still has trash here and there from the presents, tags, and toy packaging. Why must stuff come with so much packaging?? Ill work on this sometime today.

As for the yard, I did get all of the MONTHS of dog poop in the front yard cleaned up yesterday. That was a nice accomplishment. Now for the side yard!!

We have one less dog (long story) so you would think the poop would be cut in half. Unfortunately, it was the little dog that was banished, so the large pooper is still adding large dog logs to the yard! LOL

As for the laundry... ugh. If I could remember to start it at a decent time, and remember to put it away when its out of the dryer, I would be a million miles closer to being caught up then I currently am! Fly lady says a load away keeps the mountain away. I wish I could grasp that concept!

Ok back to writing my paper that will determine what the subject of my final paper will be about. I am having problems starting it, knowing what order to put it in, and just plain getting it organized. We are supposed to pick a social problem and why we want to write and research this problem and which perspective we feel it has.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008



I read on someones blog about how they took the premade frosting and whipped it in with their mixer and it almost doubled in size. DO NOT TRY THIS!!! All it did was make the frosting sticky. It did not double in size, nor was it light and fluffy... it was a sticky gooey mess.

Pictures and stuff to come later...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Unfortunately, this is no April Fools joke. If it is, its a pretty elaborate one that affects the entire city...