Wednesday, November 30, 2005

diet update

Ive lost 8 pounds!

Time flies

So Ive been kinda down the last couple of weeks, been off my schedule a LOT, and that causes my life to spin out of control. See this post. When some people get down, they know what causes it. When a bi polar gets down, its bad. When someone who suffers from depression gets down, its also bad. People do not understand this. Look, I am down. Just getting out of bed and "doing" what ever it is that I need to do just does not work. I can not do it. It is phsyiclly and mentally impossible. Yes ok get up out of bed, get dressed, this I can accomplish. Feed the kids an self, check!, do daily tasks such as make bed, general straighting up, no, unable to accomplish. I am cripled, unable to go on with life, get the things done that I need to do...I have one week to see if rasing my meds (again) will work; so far, no. Anyways, I am tring very hard to get things back track.
Time flies. It is still Novemeber right? I mean, it IS the 30th and tomorrow IS December 1st, but it is STILL NOVEMBER! I got two christmas cards in the mail today. I still have halloween / fall decorations around and about. I am slowly taking them down, but they are still up...I make my christmas cards every year. I have yet to finish this project yet. I also am making severalgifts this year (again) and I have hardly started. I guess I should get off here, do my daily tasks, then start on these projects!


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sick again?

So once again, Caitlin woke me up about ten times through out the night. First she was thirsty, then she had to go potty, then she wanted a hug, then she told me I was the "greatest mom ever", next it was a cough, then she was too sick to sleep, Zoe was up (because Caitlin kept getting up) there were a few that I just had no clue as to WHY she was waking me up AGAIN. She attempted to crawl in bed with me at one point, I told her that daddy had to sleep there when he got home! I know, mean ...
I got woke up around 5 with Caitlin coughing. So I got up and gave her some medicine, and went back to bed. About 5:30 Caitlin wanted something, and again at 6:00, 6:30, & 7:00am. WEE! Well tonight is gonna be great. I have no sleepy pills (I forgot to go to the pharmacy on friday) Funny how I can fall asleep during the day, yet I can not fall asleep at night when its time to do so.
Yesterday was Tonys last day for the 12 days straight (or however many there was). It will be nice to have him home! We each have plans for Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, but we will see each other before and after! Sunday hes going to go do some deep cleaning at the club, scrub the carpets and what not. Monday, Tony has play group with Zoe, Caitlin has school, and in the evening I will be going to a stamping thing. Tuesday Caitlin has a dr. apt (i think her ear infection is back / or never went away) and Tony has plans to go do some RPGing about an hour away.
WHOOHOO! For Sunday night TV! I love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, and Grays Anatomy. I cry for the first one, and then giggle for the second two! LOL

Friday, November 25, 2005


The other day I had Caitlin practice her name. I wrote her name in the pink, she did the rest in the pencil. My mother in law called and Caitlin asked me how she did, I looked and said no thats backwards and went back to talking to my MIL. Tony looked over to Caitlins paper, he was confused. Then he folded the paper in half. Caitlin had writtin her name completely backwards, as if it were the mirror image of the name I had written.
Image hosted by
OK so there it is... at the top..hehe

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Snowed again..

Last night it snowed again. Couple of inches.. or so... who knows..

Anywhoooo, I waited up for my hubby cuz I havnt seen him or spent time with him in a while since hes been working. Im really glad I stayed up. It was great to spend time with him!

This morning (after getting 2 hours of sleep), I got up fed the kids, and I wanted to go play in the snow with the girls. So with out them knowing what mommy was preparing for, I got dry clothes set out and stuff ready to go play. We got dressed and away us girls went. We stopped at the park to play in the snow, and on the slides. I built them some snowmen, and gave them snowballs to play with! We all had a blast! In fact, Zoe cried when I put her in her carseat!

We came home and took off our wet clothes, and went and crawled in bed with sleepy daddy hehe

Monday, November 21, 2005

Time change...

Okay, so my kids seem to be off schedule since daylights savings. Getting up at 6:00am is getting old. I think I need to adjust their bedtime a bit. They usually are good sleepers, but Zoe has a cough that has been keeping us both up at night, and Caitlin keeps having nightmares and wanting to crawl in bed with me. This would be ok, but our bed is a queen and hubby and I both use "our" side to its full potential. I cant even count how many times in the last month or so how many times Caitlin has felt the need to wake me up for something.

And in other news, I am tring to get my christmas cards made, and other gifts ready. I have came up with five card designs, but havent been able to make more then 8 of one design due to lack of supplies. Oh well, what can ya do.

Well, most of our snow has melted, and this probably sucks for the hunters. No snow means its harder to track deer. I cant wait till hunting season is over and I get my husband back a couple nights a week.

Okay, I have just been informed that it is time for breakfest.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cajun French Toast?

Soooo heres OOPS, I kinda got sidetracked and forgot about the french toast...

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Friday, November 18, 2005

...and more snow

And then there was more...hehe
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Okiedokie then...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My day..

Today I woke up at 6, thanks to my kids... LOL took a shower , got dressed, procrastinated (well not really, more of wasted time so we wouldnt leave insanly early for preschool.),bundled Caitlin up, took Zoe downstairs, took Caitlin to school, picked Zoe up from the bakery, bundled her up, went to Walmart, unbundled Zoe and myself, shopped, bundled us both back up, went to Pamida, (i knew we wouldnt be there long, but its hard to tell thatto a 2 year old) unbundled Zoe, shopped for like five mins, bundled Zoe back up, drove home, unbundled Zoe and self, played with Zoe, had a snack, put Zoe down for a nap, put self down for a nap, woke up, made lunch, woke up hubby, bundled self up to go buy boots (in black), came home unbundled self, said bye to hubby, bundled up Zoe, bundled up self, went to preschool bundled up Caitlin, came home, unbundled Zoe, unbundled Caitlin unbundled self... made dinner blah blahblah, 9:30ish bundled up self to go move van, moved van, unbundled self.. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An AH HA! Moment

Hmm ever have one of those "AH HA" moments? Where you feel soo happy that you discovered what you did, but it should have been discovered previously?
My "AH HA" momment...
I purchased one of those Mr Clean MajicReach 's. I used it, I hated it and thought it was the worst product I have tried in a very long time. I emailed them to tell them their product sucked and a way they could improve apon their product. Well after weeks of no response on their part (they must have thought that this chick is NUTS and moved on), I finnally decieded to go ahead and give it ONE more try... I tried the "mopping pad" because my floor looked like it needed a pick me up. I opened it, then went to place it on the part where you should put it. Well my complaint about this product was, it has one spot to squish in the pad, and instead of using my brain the first time, i put the pad on backwards, so one end was flappin in the breeze when I was tring to use it. Well thats when my "AH HA" moment happend. I looked at the cleaning pad, and the cleaning handle, one end of the pad had a little pocket, the other end was free. OK, so you put one end inthe pocket, then you push the "free" end into the squishy thing. DUH... thats what makes it not "flap in the breeze"... OK I feel soooo dumb...
BTW, I know think that this product is NOT a big waste of time or money. I think it is awesome for cleaning the shower and the tub, and OKAY for a once over for moppng the floor. LOL Who knew?!

Still Snowing

Well its still snowing here. Dunno if you can tell the difference between this pic and the other pic, but here is the current view at 3:51 outside.

Image hosted by

Today begins Tonys twelve days straight of work at the club. Hunting season starts this weekend, and I guess hunters come up here to hunt, drink beer, and watch girls dance. I am going to miss my husband while he is gone. Its weird looking over at his desk and him not being there MMRGPing, chatting or reading TotalFark. It kinda sucks, we just paid his monthly service for both, and he wont be home to use them! LOL

Tonight there was supposed to be  a playgroup for the birth to three program that Zoe is in. It was cancelled due to the snow. Oh well, I didnt feel like bundling up the kids, bundling up me, then rebundling up Zoe...


...Yeah.. So I went to pick up Caitlin from preschool...Set Zoe down, grabbed Caitlins back pack and coat, got her hat out of her sleve, put her hat on, mittens, coat. OK While did that, Zoe had taken off her hat, mittens, scarf, and coat. GREAT! Ok I feel like I burned a few hundred calories just by bundling up my kids, rebundling up my kids, scraping my van off for 15 mins this am, then another 10 when I went to pick caitlin back up! LOL better have burned a few

WHEW! I sure am wordy...


It snowed last night! WHOOHOO! Whoohoo until I had to bring Caitlin to preschool that is... there was ICE under the snow on my van. I kind of procrastinated this morning on leaving, well that and Caitlins hat was no where to be found, she lost one at school already too! It took me about 15 mins to clean off the ice and snow, making Caitlin late for school, which was fine cuz so was half her class LOL

LOST is on tonight! I cant wait! Well I guess I HAVE to wait.
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Look! ICECYCLES! (Hubby says thats spelled right.. Hmm.. looks soo wrong!)

Image hosted by

Caitlin was REALLY excited that there was snow on the ground cuz it means CHRISTMAS. How do you explain to a four year old who has NO concept of time, that Christmas is more then a month away! I am planning to make a count down calender for her, but sheesh, I am not ready to even start the count down calender yet! Thanksgiving isnt even here yet! I keep telling her that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, but then she tells me Christmas is the day after Thanksgiving. Should I tell her that it is Black Friday and there are crazy mad people who go shopping and beat people up for gifts? Or should I leave that detail out until she is older...LOL


Monday, November 14, 2005

My hubby

My husband got new glasses! Isnt he sexy :)

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Tonys New glasses

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Christmas Cards

I am soo happy when stuff finally gets together in my head! This is our christmas card (one of many, but this is the FIRST Ive completed)!

If you want one of my homemade cards, you better get me your snail mail addy early! I only send out so many!

Image hosted by

My little helper

I am tring to get stuff done for christmas presents (I do them this early because I MAKE them ) and someone decieded to HELP me out.. Or so I thought... He got into my paper, and stole a scrap and ran away with it to eat it!
Image hosted by

Tico, my helper

Image hosted by

Our first snow!

This was our first snow fall! Man its hard to take a picture of fast falling SNOW! LOL

Image hosted by

outside our front window

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Its Saturday night...

and I am supposed to be doing crafty things. Tomarrow night I will be spending time with hubby and watching my Sunday night TV! Then Monday night, I am sure hubby will be RPGing. So I will have time to do some crafty things then. My new stamps, that I should not have got, will be here any day now! I am really excited! I cant wait to start making my christmas gifts and this will give me the extra boost that I need!

I did watch Mean Girls tonight, that was fun. Ive seen it before, so it was mainly just something going on in the background. OH! I also had company! Two nights in a row even! :) Our friend Brians car is broke, so he is in town more often. He stopped by yesterday, and hung out for a bit, we chattered back and forth, then when his friend got done with work, he caught a ride. Then tonight he was in town again and stopped by!

Hmm ok thats all I got...



Caitlin just went to the bathroom with out announcing it to me until I answer!! OMG



Ugh I am down right exhausted! I am soo tired. I sleep well at night, except for the last couple of nights. Caitlin keeps waking me up, "I have to go to the bathroom", "I am thirsty", "I need a hug", ok well I understand why she would want a hug, and also she told me about a bad dream. I just dont get why I need to be woke up for water (she has a waterbottle that stays half full in the fridge), or why she needs to tell me she has to go to the bathroom.

I try dozing on the couch. That doesnt work very nice with a 2 year old and a 4 year old bouncing around. Caitlin constantly picks on Zoe, grabs her toy, sits too close for Zoes likeing, or deciedes she needs to crawl on me to tell me "Obie is coming up next".

I am so tired. I feel like I can barely move, my body aches, it screams for rest. Uninterupted rest. Look, I know this is part of being a parent, but come on, everyone needs a good nights sleep once in a while. Lately here its been far and few between. My kids hardly ever used to get up in the middle of the night. I understand that Caitlin has an ear infection and wants to be cuddled with. I just fail to see why I need to know at 2 am that she has to go to the bathroom, or that she is thirsty.

She talks all the time. NON STOP CHATTER . It gets very old very fast. Its great when shes telling me a story, or talking about school, or her friends at school, but even during the day she must tell me she has to go to the bathroom or get something to drink... She has actually peed her pants because I did not answer her when she told me 10 times that she has to go to the bathroom. WHY cant she just do these things?? HOW do I get her to STOP doing this??

I want a good nights sleep, UNINTERUPTED. I am so tired, I cant even make it through the day. I almost want to take up caffinee again. :(

Friday, November 11, 2005

Are you SURE that today is FRIDAY?

Have you ever woke up and thought that it was a different day then it actually was?? I was up at 7ish as usual, made the kids breakfest, put on cartoons, snoozed for a few on the couch, then I went to change Zoes diaper. I looked in the mirror, realized MAN I need a haircut! Then I thought about that for a second... WAIT... I had a hair appointment YESTERDAY! SHOOT! I missed it! WOW that sucks! *phone rings* (cant answer it cuz im still in diaper change mode). I put Zoe down and go check the phone. "enter hair place name here" Hmm... OH CRAP TODAY IS FRIDAY! Whoops... So I did get to reschedule for 1pm. Nice...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Living with me...

From the outside, I may look normal, but on the inside, im screaming. I suffer from bi polar disorder. Often, people do not realize all that makes up this disorder. People who are not educated on the disorder say that its all in your head, or its overly dignosed, or you can contorl it. The over dignosis of this may be true, and your right it IS in my head and it effects my entire body and those around me and NO I am unable to control it. I have rapid cycling bi polar which means my moods can switch weekly, even daily or worse yet, hourly. I dont think those around me fully understand this disorder and that "MOST" people can be treated. That leaves those other whatever percent that can not be treated. I am not sure which I fall under, because I have not been on every drug avalible to treat this. I know a few things that "trigger" my mania or my decent into depression... 1) scheduling changes, or falling out of my routine due to severe depression, 2) changes in my life, 3) other peoples attitudes or even comments towards me. Those are just a few.

Im writing this in hopes it will enlighten people and maybe help others understand what I go through on a daily basis.

Some days are good (normal), most are bad lately (depression), but others are too good (mania). I am hardly at the "normal" level. Sometimes, I will go out and spend money just because. I dont know why, because I know we are on an extremly tight budget, but I just do it anyways. Then I sit and regret it for days, sending me into depression, causing my daily routines to go to hell, then causing worse depression. It sounds easy to change to someone who is NOT bi polar. I know, just dont spend money, and stick to your daily routines... WELL DUH. If only it were that easy! I try very hard to stick to my routines, because it benifits my children.

I would LOVE to get a house some day, and I hate that I have to completly rely on my husband for financial support because I have a hard time holding a job. If my schedule at work changes, it throws me off, and down I go into depression. Some times being around people, sends me into mania, and neither are good in a work enviornment. I would love to have a normal life. I hate looking around at other people who (appear to be) are normal. They lead normal lives. I wish I could have a normal life.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Ever go to post something in your blog and completly forget wtf you were going to post??

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Im soo happy today is Tuesday! Tonight I get to stamp and scrapbook with other people! I hope I dont have such bad anxeity this time as I did last time! I got home and just shook for an hour. Tonight is also "My Time w/ Dad" through the Family Resource Center. BTW, thank gawd for TIVO! I am a big fan of NCIS, CSI, and all those shows and tonight NCIS is on (and My Name is Earl, The Office, & Law & Order SVU).


End of boring blog post!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Family Day!

We went to the park today! It was fun... heres pics...
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Friday, November 04, 2005

OK so after a month or so of "dieting", I have yet to loose weight OR inches! THIS SUX! Ok so I went to the dr to get my thyrod checked. It was fine. OK here is what I have been doing for the last month ...

-taking a multi vitamin
-stopped drinking soda
-reading labels
-walking and paying attention to how much I move, and exersize
-taking Trimspa
-making sure my "serving sizes" were right on
-following the food pyramid (I didnt not eat fruits or veggies before all of this, my diet mostly consisted of sweets and fats)
-drinking LOTS of water & propel
-drinking FUZE instead of soda
-keeping track of what I eat
-cut out fast food almost all together
-eat 3 smaller meals and 3 snacks in one day (used to eat one meal and snack on junk food all day)

Before even asking what I have done to change my weight, the doctor says to me "Eat less, exersize more, thats all there is to it" UM OK THEN...grrr What have I been doing for the last month?? Over eating? I was under eating before, now I am doing the opposite I guess, even though its more balanced and smaller proportions. Hmm I dunno...I guess Ill go back to eating almost nothing and exersize from morning till night.

*side note* my BMI is 28.9, and above 30 is obese

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kids are WEIRD

OK so Zoe has these socks with non skid bottoms on them. She freakin fell on the kitchen floor...Did I use pledge on it while I was sleeping??

Caitlin says to me "Mom, let me wisker into your ear" LMAO!

Thats all Ive got today...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Did you know...

My Little Pony has magnetic feet?? They stick to my freakin fridge, and yes they have CLEAN feet :P and YES they arnt feet, but then again they ARE because they dont have "hooves" on them LOL

That gold fish change colors? Yup ours did. At first I thought he was dieing. He looked "dirty" like he needed a bath...How do you bathe a fish?

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.

A bee has five eyes, two large compound eyes on either side of its head, and three ocelli (primitive eyes) on top of its head to detect light intensity.

The Moose is the world's largest deer.

The Koala lives entirely on eucalyptus and does not drink water.

The Sloth grows green algae on its hair for camouflage.

OK had enough yet?? LOL

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Our girls on Halloween.
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