Sunday, November 04, 2007

Day Lights Savings

Not only do our electronics get messed up, our children's inner clock does not realize the time difference. I have never liked day lights savings because of this reason. Don't matter what time it is, the kids still get up at the ass crack of dawn. But when you change your clocks, they get up an hour before the ass crack of dawn. Thanks.

My kids are strange. Its Sunday morning and instead of watching cartoons, they are watching some kind of dog Olympics on Animal Planet. Three hours later, they are still watching Animal Planet. I tell them to go clean their room and they say but I am watching cartoons. NO YOUR NOT.

We are under a severe weather alert today. It is supposed to be windy. Um hello? I live in Iowa. Its either windy, or windy. Duh. But since its below 60, we might end up with a wind chill. Silly weather...

I took down the spider webs out side yesterday. I heard it is supposed to snow, so I wanted to do it before that happened. BTW, it was much more fun putting them up then it was taking them down. It makes our porch look a bit dull.

Now that all my flowers are dead, I miss them. A lot. I miss looking at them and realizing how much they have grown since the last time I looked at them! Time to pull them out of the ground. I am going to wait till its warmer outside. If that happens.