Friday, October 26, 2007

School Update

Weeee another busy week thats almost over! I have been studying for my Intro to Criminal Justice test since Tuesday. The test is not until next Tuesday, but I don't want to procrastinate when it comes to school. I want to know my stuff. I want to get A's. I want to prove to myself that I can do it. I know I am capable of getting good grades, my last year in high school proved that.

I am having a hard time finding a study technique that works for me. I know writing things down several times helps me, but it doesn't seem to be helping in this situation. In my Human Dynamics class we are learning about study techniques. I am trying to apply them to my other classes.

I have psychology home work, and I need to do some of my Document Processing & Presentation stuff. But mainly, I need to study for this test.

Blahblah blah...

Monday, October 22, 2007


Nothing new here... Well actually there is a lot new...

Tony and I celebrated our 7th anniversary yesterday! Woot! Its been a great seven years with a lot of ups and downs, but I don't think a marriage should be with out them! How boring would that be, right?

We finally got around to getting more family pictures done! (Thanks Kim!) Our last family picture was when Caitlin was 9 months old! Oops. I am not saying we haven't had ANY done of Zoe, just not the four of us!

I am still working on decorating my bedroom! I ran out of stuff to texture the walls! But even if I had some more stuff, I would have NO time to actually get to it since its a very messy project.

Today is week three of school. That means there are 7 more weeks of this term. So far so good. Now if only I could get my house work done too. I spent time doing homework Thursday and Friday, and I worked on it for 10 hours on Saturday, and about 3 on Sunday. Thats a lot of homework. Oh well, I guess I only have one project due every two weeks for Psychology, so this wont be a weekly trend.

I don't know if I blogged about it, but we put Tico in the craft room. He was peeing on EVERYTHING in the basement, and we just couldn't take anymore of it. We did this about a month ago. The bad part about him being out there, when I have my mandatory craft room Sundays is that he is sooo lonely that I cant get anything done!

Uh... Hmm... OK... thats all for now I guess!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee?

Wow.. week two of getting everyone to where they need to be and when is going okay so far, yet its only Monday so we will see how Tuesday and Wednesday go. Thursday and Friday I do not have class, and its just Tony work, Caitlin school, and Zoe preschool on Thursday.

Of course I have two appointments to throw into the mix, along with having to pick up and delivering of the fund raiser stuff from last month.

Ill be going to the Mall of America today to meet my aunt and uncle before they fly out to Australia and New Zealand for vacation. It always takes ME an hour longer then anyone else to get places.. lol I drive the speed limit and make many stops. I hope the girls sleep on the way home so I can just cruise back on into Iowa.

Although everyones schedules are now blending together a bit better since we have two cars, I have been slacking on the home front. Laundry is not getting done, the house is in constant disarray, the dogs are probably under walked... :( I have not made the bed in almost a week *sigh*

That will be next to put into the mix of things I guess...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Strengths Quest

We found out our top five strengths on Wednesday. Some people find they don't identify at all with their top five, or maybe one or two, but not all. I pretty much agree with all five of mine. Here are my top five and some "definitions" of them..

Sort through the clutter and find the best route
See patterns when others simply see complexity
What if?
Know there is more then one way to get from point A to point B
Quickly pick out relevant issues and patterns
Lightning quick evaluation of what wont work
People don't realize you have considered all of the options
Sometimes you think backwards

Like to think, like mental activity
Like exercising the "muscles" of your brain
Thought goes in multiple directions, may be focused, may lack focus
Simply like to think
You are your own best companion
Mental hum, constants of your life

Like to explain, describe, speak, write, and tell stories
Bring a dry idea to life
Want information
May be criticized because you like to talk a lot
Reach out and connect with people

Collect things that interest you
Find several things interesting - Keeps your mind fresh
Always adding information to your archives
Don't feel comfortable with throwing anything away
Want to know more, crave information
Active and resourceful curiosity

Love to solve problems
Analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong
Enjoy bringing things back to life
Fix it, resuscitate it, rekindle its vitality
Readily take on projects others believe cant be "saved"
Quickly recognize problems that others may not detect
Other people might not like the fact you can quickly detect problems, weaknesses, situations and organizations

Now add those things to my bipolar, depression and anxiety, and you pretty much have me figured out.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Oh my I was so busy Monday Tuesday and Wednesday that my head was just spinning! Monday I had to get Caitlin off to school, and went to my first class. Tuesday Tony went out of town and I had to get Caitlin off to school, Zoe off to school, bring Kim to the hospital, and I ran several errands. Then I had to pick Zoe back up. Tuesday night, I had a class. I found a babysitter (at the last possible second) for that night since Kim had another procedure done and I wanted her to get some sleep. Wednesday, I got Caitlin off to school, took Zoe to her new daycare (her second day EVER in daycare) and went to class. Then I had to pick up Zoe... (she had fun) Then I had to go to the online orientation that I had accidentally gone to on Tuesday... Then I attended my night class. When I got home, my husband was home! :D Then Thursday, I had to get Caitlin off to school, and take Zoe to preschool...........

Is your head spinning yet?????? Hehehe

And since today is Friday, and I apparently have ignored the house, I must clean clean clean!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I went downstairs to the laundry room this morning to look for clothes for Miss Zoe. This is what I saw crawling across the floor....... These pictures had a bottle cap in them, but it got cropped out of the picture. This spider fits perfectly inside the bottle cap.

I thought that it might be a brown recluse spider... So I googled them, and came across this picture. Yup ... Close enough for me... *shudder*

Now I feel kind of silly since yesterday I posted this in my children's blog...

Monday, October 08, 2007

First Day of one class

Today was my first day of Human Dynamics. It started out with roll call, then sign in, then initialing the "contact" sheet with our information on it.

We then went through our class syllabus. Talked a bit about the books for the class, and then we each said something about each ourselves. This is a huge part of the class since it is about learning about ourselves. Our strengths, not our weaknesses...

We then had a sheet of paper with a few squares labeled things like "has pets", "traveled to another continent" and so on, then we had to collect "signatures" of the people fitting those "titles". Once we got as much from our classmates, we were off to find the rest from students and faculty in the building. Once that was completed, we were free to go.

I had fun. I told my husband that I had "fun", and he kind of looked at me like HUH? FUN? Wednesday we are going to be taking our"strengths quest assessment" to learn our top five. Ive started reading the book about the assessment, and it seems very interesting. I almost can not wait to do it!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Got some spare change??

Apparently, banks are getting rid of their change counters. Well they are in my city anyways. WHY?! .... My bank bags the change then sends it to Des Moines for them to count and then they credit your account. WHAT?! They told me First Citizens might still have one. So I load Zoe back into the car and drive a block. We get out, go inside, and the teller says "Its a five dollar fee if you do not bank with us." "WHAT? I don't even know how much change I have, but I know I am not giving five of it to you to count my change and give me paper money..." (Didn't actually say this but OOhhh So wanted to) She told me she could waive todays fee. Great. Thanks. I walked out of there with $7.59.

So what is the point of saving that change then?? I usually use mine for when I completely run out of money. But if you have to have it "sent out" by your own bank, or pay a $5 fee for a local bank to count it, whats the point?? Why is there "change" then??