Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Queen of Crazyville

I feel like Queen this week. We received several gifts for Christmas this year and it feels like we are being pampered!

I received remote start for my van from my mother in law (too bad no one will put it in my van for me and it will be 300$ to have a shop to do it). I can’t wait to use this. I hate walking all the way to my van in the bitter cold weather to warm it up only to have to sit in the van while the windows defrost so I can drive it to our front door. (NOTE: I do not mind the SNOW, but I do mind the cold.)

From my aunt and uncle, we received 800tc sheets… mmMm nice. We house sat for them in April and I commented on how much I loved their sheets and that’s what they can get us for Christmas! The sheets on our bed were 400tc, and the 800tc are twice the thickness. They are awesome!

My mother gave us a gift card for Target to use towards new towels; they came via UPS this afternoon. They are so big and soft enough to be at the spa. I can’t wait to get them washed up and ready to use!

The four of us receved sweatshirts that bear the local schools sports name “the hurricanes”. I don’t know why they are that, but ok Ill go with the flow. Besides, everyone can use a new big fluffy sweatshirt once in a while!


Monday, December 19, 2005

Santa and stuff...

Tony, Caitlin, Zoe and I went to go see Santa and the reigndeer! I still am not sure what Caitlin told him what she wanted for Christmas. He asked her what she wanted, and she said TOYS, he asked her what kind of toys, she said she didnt know! She then asked him "Where are you reindeer?" LOL She asked him a couple more times before they were through talking.

Image hosted by

Zoes got thumbs up to whatever santa says

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More Santa

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Caitlin looking at the deer

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More photos of Santa, Reindeer, & Christmas at Great Nannas and Gpa Brads

Ok no more deer or santa...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


For those of you who have viewed my webcam the couple of times I have had it on, or have chatted with, you know how much I like Propel. So my blog today is about that. Ya, I am lame.
Image hosted by

Yes there are two rows of propel in there!

I have tried 5 out of 8 flavors: kiwi-strawberry, grape, melon (ick), lemon, & tropical citrus. I dont like grape flavored things usually, but I LOVE grape propel.

OK thats enough about propel. My day is very dull today. LOL

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Morning Rant

I HATE mornings. Why? Because everyone (kids and cats) wants something from me RIGHT NOW. Does not matter how fast I move, I am too slow for their morning demands. The cats want food and water; the kids want milk, fruit, & oatmeal. If I am too slow, Caitlin tells me every two seconds that she wants milk or oatmeal. Then it’s a straw, a napkin, and whatever else her tiny brain can come up with. Zoe doesn’t say much other then "guck" which is how she says milk. The cats run under my feet constantly and if I don’t get them water fast enough, they drink out of the toilet, which wouldn’t be so bad, but I put Clorox tablets in, and cats probably should not drink bleach water!

Then if I have not scooped the cat box in a couple of days, Tico is sure to let me know by giving me a wet rug (where I stand in the morning to get water for the kid’s oatmeal). UGH.
I know how to remedy this situation. It sounds simple to a person who is able to get out of bed and go on about their day. I need to stick with my Night time routine, and get up before my children, which some mornings would be before 6am and 8am others, then do my morning routine.

Any who… Today I am going to help my uncle with his Christmas decorations. This will be fun, Ill be outside, and away from my children for a bit.

Ugh, why cant children pick up their toys?? Don’t they realize how much easier it would be to play in a neat and orderly room?? I try to help when I can but geez, I can’t do it for them all the time! Yeah, Caitlin is ONLY four, but if she doesn’t learn now, when will she. I already called Santa and left him a message not to bring her toys. This did not work and now she complains about me calling him. I told her when she cleans her room I would call him back and tell him she was good.

/morning rant

Monday, December 12, 2005


Today hubby, Zoe and I went to St. Cloud to pick up a computer from someone Tony works with so he could have a second computer.

Also, I got my gift from my TFMR SS. :D (they will remane nameless until Everyone else has received their gifts. (just in case any of them actually READ my blog) The huge box held some scrapbooking stuff, a cute apron for my dishsoap bottle (this is too cute btw) and a back massager for my chair! :D This had a note attached: "Here is a hint to this gifts contents: You Certainly don't need a man ( OR ) your husband to do this for you anymore! Now you can self stimulate! " lol

We also got our first netflix movies: The Amityvill Horror, The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants, and Bewitched.

Ok made dinner, and that fun stuff too.. ok END

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Did you know...

Easy Ups have an expiration date?? ya... they do.


This morning, I got up, fed the girls breakfest, turned on the news, and noticed my angel was crooked. As I looked around, I realized there was more then just the lopsided angel. Our christmas tree had been vadiaized. DERN KITTYS!

Image hosted by

poor christmas tree!

Oh and its snowing outside. Its supposed to snow every day this week EXCEPT for Tuesday. We were supposed to travel to go get a computer today, but for now those plans have been delayed.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Shopping

Ok I think I am done with the shopping part of christmas gifts. Now onto the ones I am making. Weeeeeeee LOL Christmas is coming wayyy to fast. Someone asked Caitlin today if she was ready for Santa to come, she said "no". I will remember this in a year or two when she will be begging for Santa to come visit.

I havnt talked to hubby about this yet (but he reads my blog) but I would like to take the girls to see Santa and the Reigndeer next Sunday. Bad part is, we have soo much traveling between dentist appointments, and doctor appointments that I am not sure I want to sit in the car agan. BUT, this also would be the PERFECT time to go see my dad and grandmother (that we havnt seen since LAST Christmas..).


Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Dont leave me alone with myself. Yes you read that right, do NOT leave me alone with MYSELF. My mind just goes on and on and on, kind of like Caitlin who never stops talking. I go over everything in my life or whatever is on my mind, not once, not twice, but at least ten times before I get annoyed with MYSELF. Just makes me wonder how other people put up with me, how they dont get annoyed to the point of leaving me or punching my lights out. I guess thats why my best friend is my husband, and my other friend lives 3 hours away. I could go on about how bad my mind wanders and obesses but I will not.

Anywho. I went to the tooth devil today. UGH I hate having my teeth cleaned by them. I have good gums but they are sensitive along with my teeth. PLEASE do not blow air on my teeth :( It HURTS. DO NOT put cold water or hot water on them, OUCH. And for the love of buddah, do NOT stick that sharp pointy thing into what we both know is a cavity!!! DAMN YOU! Then after all this torture, you tell me that I am on a waiting list to have my cavity filled. Wonderful. So in other words, I will have to make another appointment for a cleaning, then I can get an appointment for fillings. I will not say anything about my wonderful *sarcasm* trip to the dentist and scare my children before they even meet one.

Ok I have to go eat, tonight is "open scrapbook" night.

Monday, December 05, 2005


I put up my tree. Here are the pictures! I took them this moring.
Image hosted by

Here is Zoe wondering how many times she can touch the tree while mom is not looking.

Image hosted by

Here is Tico, who also is wondering how many times he can EAT the tree before mom notices

Image hosted by

My snowflakes! I love snowflakes!

Image hosted by

And my tree. I think i should take another picture at night, its prettier at night

Murphy's Law

Mur·phy's Law (mûr'fēz) n. any of certain humorous axioms stating that anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong.

This morning, Caitlin had preschool which begins at 8am and ends at 3pm. Of course, today both girls slept in. Lately, Caitlin has been waking me up around 6:00am -6:30am. SUX. Today was the first day in a very long time that my alarm actually had to wake me up. Good to know that it still works.

It was so very warm out this morning with temps reaching -3F. Warm. It is currently 1f outside. I didn’t want to shut my van off. It didn’t even get to warm up when I took Caitlin to school, and it had been running for about thirty minutes. I’m almost positive had I stayed in there for a bit longer, the heat would have started coming out.

Last night sometime around 12:10am, my husband woke me up to ask me if we could afford
wo0t! Or not. Woot featured a 250gig hard drive for 50$. Too bad we don’t have an extra 50$ to spare. SUX. Last week yes, this week no.

Our cat needs to go to the vet, and that will cost about 20$. Not too bad, but hey if we had another 30$, we could have got wo0t!. My cat has this very disgusting issue with his anal glands needing to be cleaned out. Normally this naturally but not with our damn cat. Also, this is usually an issue with dogs, not cats. Weirdo.

On Tuesday, both hubby and I have separate plans. We need a babysitter if we both want to do our activities that we have planned. He plans on going RPG with a bunch of friends, and I have “open scrapbooking” night.

End of my Murphy's Law banter

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I guess I will have to start posting more intertaining blogs since so many people are stumbling across it. I am a very boring person, so this will be difficult.

I am thinking about putting up my christmas tree today or tomorrow. Should be intresting to see how many times I have to say "NO, DO NOT TOUCH THE TREE" to the kids and the cats. I bought a new spray bottle just for the cats.

OK gonna go pick up some so I can put up the tree!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who are...

All these people reading my boring blog? I have had twenty hits TODAY alone. Really I am boring. Other then the crazy shit that goes on in my head, not much else happenin here. lol
Of course, I guess thats why there are twenty new hits, and not any new comments!