Saturday, November 04, 2006

I thought we were done...

scrapeing all the old wallpaper and paint off... We got off a few layers of paint and a layer of wallpaper then another layer of paint. Under it all was another layer of wallpaper. We thought since it was pretty well stuck, we would have no problems painting over it. Um. no. I started painting and it started to come off... SUX. .. But the paint did make it come off very easily. Until the paint dried.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chapter 2

Oh... I was going to get a Pug puppy, even after the mini pin came along...

The mother of my pug pup gave birth to two males and one female, female being mine. Well, the female died :( saving the lives of the boys :P

Thats ok. Zues can get more used to us, and winter can pass then I will think about getting one. Might be easier to train a puppy in the spring then winter.

R.I.P. my pug puppy!!

Chapter 1

Ok sooo I am here. I am alive. I busted our computers, and now one is sorta fixed. So I am here. Online.

Things new with me and my family...

We got a house. An actual two bedroom 1 and a half story house with a full basement and a garage that was turned into a shop. What we thought was not our back yard, turned out to actually be ours.
pics to come later

We got a dog. He is a mini pinscher, in a copper color. We sort of rescued him. The owner, if you can call him that, left him outside all of the time because his g/f did not like dogs. When the "owners" sister went to pick up Zues, he was in his kennel in the garage with no food or water. When we got him, you could see every one of his ribs. :( poor doggie ... hes doing much better! :) Pics to come later

Ok hands hurt from scrapeing off old wallpaper.... more later...