Monday, July 30, 2007

Its a TRAP!

So.. We have had a fruit fly infestation since the last time I had bought bananas. That would be sometime in early June. They are EVERYWHERE. Does not matter how clean the kitchen is, they still multiply. Its getting very old. I have put out little "traps" of vinegar and dish soap, but this has only killed a few.

I accidentally found another "trap". One day a piece of lettuce ended up in a glass of water. Apparently, they are attracted to the lettuce, then get wet and die. The glass has become a graveyard for the fruit flies!

If you have any other FREE ways to attract these little buggers, please please please let me know!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Title (not sure what to call this post)

Monday I sold my car to the junk yard. I got a check for $350! They weren't able to pick it up until yesterday, so there it sat taking up a parking spot in our driveway. So yesterday, I was looking out the window, and I see this car that looks like its floating down the road. Then I realized it was on a flatbed and it was the tow truck coming for my car.

The money came just in time. Our water bill was DUE Tuesday, and my husband got confused on his payday. So I was able to take care of that, buy all of the animals some food, buy a few fast food meals, hubby a couple new work shirts, and a baby shower and wedding gift, and some clothes to wear to the wedding!

Tony is doing good at his new job as a car salesman! Hes sold two cars so far, and has several leads on other sales. He is very relived to no longer be working at the factory, and I think he likes dressing in nice clothes again.

I think my sleeping pill might need to be raised. Seems like every other night I am unable to fall asleep after they have kicked in. I do not have an appointment with the doctor until October, so I am going to try to call him.

I have my "shop" up on ETSY! So where are all of you digital scrapbookers?! My website is still under construction, and I am unable to put all of my kits up on ETSY, so let me know if you are looking for a particular style of kit! I might have it laying around on my hard drive! If not, I will make it!

Before I moved here, I had started to put together a plan to do Party / Wedding Planning once I got down here. I have a business plan, and lots of information already figured out. I was pleasantly surprised on Monday. A girl called to book Tony for a wedding. I talked to her for about 20 minutes, and let her go. She called back ten minutes later asking if I would be able to help plan her wedding and to let her know what I would charge!! SWEET! Her wedding is in August 2008, so I have plenty of time to help her get organized.

Now if only I could get my digital scrapbooking business going, I might be able to add some extra cash to our family's income!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My shop!

Visit my Etsy shop!


I'm not sure the last time I posted about Walmart but here goes....


-Cashiers do NOT know how to bag groceries. Considering this is an average size store with a grocery store, you would think they would be trained on how to put food in a bag. Anything that could be squished or smashed, was. Cold stuff was with canned, dry with frozen. WTF Kind of packing is this?? I put my stuff on the thing the way it should be bagged. Like items together. I first put my heavy stuff such as sodas, juice boxes, propel, power aid, on first. Then I put the canned goods along with other non squishable items, then dry goods, and last of all, my bread, buns, chips. I don't know what this guy did, but NONE of it was together, I had cold stuff in every bag, propel in with my kids individual packs of gram crackers, frozen stuff not together at all. I also ended up with three bags with no more then one item.

-They move stuff around the store about once a month. Just when you figure out where they moved it, its gone, it went to a new home.

-They constantly discontinue things that I like. Doesn't matter what it is, if I like it, eventually it gets discontinued.

-Takes no less then an hour to grocery shop. Seems like no matter what I go there for, it always takes an hour or more. Wow what a waste of my valuable time! (Not that I have anything else to do...)

-Never have enough lanes open. Target has a 1 plus 1 policy. If theres more then two people in line, they open a new line. Walmart has not heard of this. They never open more lanes, no matter how many people are in line.

-They put the "special" people at the regular lines, and the fast people at the express checkouts. Um hello??

-Parking. Its as if all of the employees park right by the doors. Even when the store is not busy, you still can not park NEAR the store. I always try to park near a cart corral when I have my children with me.

-No one to be found. If you need something, and want to ask someone a question, there is NO ONE around. Employees should be cross trained in all departments. When you ask someone in the Hardware, they should know something about the department next to them, and that happens to be be housewares, or garden. And if you do find someone for that department, it usually takes no less then three employees to answer your question.


-Cheaper to shop here for groceries then anywhere else. The selection of MOST items is good, and so is the price. There are two other grocery stores in town, one is very expensive, and the other is cheap, but has zero selection.

-Self check out. This is nice if you only have a few items, and you are shopping between the hours of 9am - 7pm.

hmm... I can not think of any other "pros" oh well...

/end rant

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Its gonna be one very long week. I ran out of my medication that I take in the morning. Monday was the last day I took this medication. You say go get more? I can not. I have a stupid 35$ dollar copay for it, and I have zero dollars to my name. I have no way to get these until Friday! Ugh.. Later today, I will get crabby, dizzy & sick to my stomach. I have no idea what will be in store for Thursday and Friday, because I have only gone two days with out this med, mostly because of forgetting to take it.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I always knew my husband was not a factory worker. He has been so grumpy the past few months because he absolutely HATES his job. Its not that it is hard, its that it is repetitive. All day, eight hours a day doing the same exact thing the same exact way. He wakes up in such a horrible mood, sometimes I want to kick him to the couch!

He has nice hands. He does not like dirt under his nails, and keeps them neatly trimmed. Its not about his hands, its about the hate towards the job. He is a hard worker, just not a factory worker.

Sometimes people say that is work. But come on, if you do not like your job, there are other ones out there. If your job creates so much stress in your lives, and those around you, there is a problem. It does affect me and the kids, as would anyone who is unhappy so frequently. So he has decided to switch. I am excited! I can not wait until he starts training and finishes so he can do his job. Not a factory job.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Recycle: Things you probably overlook

As I have been recycling like a mad woman, Ive found a few things that I have not been recycling! But don't fret! Now I know!

-Empty paper towel & toilet paper rolls! (you can recycle, or reuse them to hold plastic grocery bags, or use for kids projects!)

-Junk mail! Open it up, tear it up and put it in your paper bin to send off to the recycle center! Even if you shred these things, you still can send your shreds!

-Batteries. How many batteries do you go through? We go through a lot between remotes, toys and cameras. I have a small box set aside to collect these! Staples takes them!

-Empty ink cartridges. Staples will take them plus give you $3 off your ink purchase! See, it PAYS to recycle!

-Finished to do lists. I make lists. Lots and lots of lists. I can fill my desk trash can in a week with all my lists! Start throwing them in with your light weight cardboard and other paper!

-Empty shampoo, conditioner & cleaning bottles! We all use these... and plastic takes up a ton of space in the landfill! Start here with PLASTIC if you don't know where to begin!

I have managed to go from FILLING and THEN SOME in our 32 gallon trash can that gets picked up weekly, to having two bags of trash! (I would like to see it cut down to ONE bag weekly) Just think of the space you free up in the landfill by cutting down your trash! Besides, its free to fill your recycle bin!! Ive been so good at filling mine, I have actually had to drive to the recycling center to empty it!

Have any other items around the house that you think people over look? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Busy busy busy

We went camping with Tony's parents over the weekend. Heres some photos, more on the kids blog