Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My poor blog!

I guess I have neglected my blog almost all summer... Oops! Ill try to update it more!! (Note: TRY) lol

Hmm so whats new... Hubby got a job at a radio station doing sales. He loves it! Him getting up at 7am is kind of strange, esspecially when he DJ's the night before!

I start my first appointment with "talk therepy" today. Im excited, but kind of nervous.

So lets see what did we do this summer... We camped a couple of times... that was fun, until we got rained out the second day. We then took off and went to the outlet mall in Minnesota. We visited the Lime Creek Nature center twice, went to East Park to feed the ducks and play. Then they had a "Night Out" at the park so we got to meet the police and some firemen and tour the rescue truck. The fire truck had to go to a fire... lol

So its Tuesday. I got the kids all ready to go.. shoes, hair, clothes, coats, backpacks... we left the house and we reached the sidewalk before I realized that it is TUESDAY. Tuesday means a half an hour late start. We would have been standing at the bus stop for a half hour in the cold drizzly crappy weather! Whew! Glad I remembered before we stood there!

Ok... arms are hurting, not used to typing any more :(