Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Nap

I have not taken a nap during the day for about a week now, but I was tired, so I figured Id sneak one in today. I kept tossing and turning and it felt like I couldn’t sleep. I woke up and had to use the bathroom and the clock said 1:30pm! It was 11:00 when I got in bed! Ooops!

When I was in the bathroom, I noticed that there was RED and BLUE all over our fairly new hand towel. I called Caitlin, and asked “What happened to the towel?” Caitlin replied “I don’t know.” I asked her what she had been doing and she said “Painting”. Oh great. If only you could see the things that ran through my head at that moment. I expected to have red and blue paint all through the house. Nope. There was paint on the paper that she got out, and paint on the hand towel. That’s it. Not a drop anywhere else or at least that I haven’t seen yet.

“Caitlin, why did you take out the paints?” Caitlin said “Because I could not find the play dough.” LOL ok then! After I sat down at my desk, Caitlin said “Well I did not get paint on Kie kie! She was waiting on the couch for me to be done painting”. Oh well that’s good. Don’t worry about the vanilla colored hand towel that is blue and red now. Hehe

We really do have great kids. She was only trying entertain herself while mommy, daddy, and Zoe were sleeping! She really did not make that big of a mess, and its only a towel.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today was the actual Birkie race. It was really exciting, but the best thing to me was at 6pm people were still going up main street toward the finish line. If the kids were either feeling better, or were sleeping, I would love to go cheer those people on. They did not give up. The kept going as long as they could. I would not be able to do a 51k race and finish!

Friday, February 24, 2006


There is an echo in our home...

Caitlin “Mom what are you doing?” Zoe “Mom what are you doing?” Caitlin “Sorry mom” Zoe “Sorry mom” Caitlin “I’m hungry” Zoe “I’m hungry” Caitlin “Why?” Zoe “Why?”


Thursday, February 23, 2006



This time of year...

Well it�s that time of the year when they put all the snow on the
street. Yes, I said PUT SNOW ON THE STREET! It�s for the giant ski race
(The American Birkebeiner) that
our city holds every year in February. I think the greatest part about
this is when they put the snow down. Others will say it�s the race that
they like the best. I do not like the fact that our town will be over
run by tourists that think they own the place. It�s extremely hard to
drive, shop, or do any daily tasks with all this commotion going on. I
can�t wait to get it over because my second favorite part of this time
is when they pick the snow back up! lol

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


*sigh* This morning Caitlin told me “I don’t like you any more mom!” because I took away the markers that she was playing with instead of coloring with. This is the first time I have heard this, I’m sure it won’t be the last, but man does it burn!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Man… This is why I like to do stuff spontaneously! I made plans to go visit our friend Kat who had a baby six weeks early. Her baby Alexander is still in the hospital at the U of M.

Well Caitlin never got over her ear infection from two weeks ago. I took her back to the doctor yesterday; one ear is still a bit red, and the other has clear fluid in it. The doc gave us different antibiotics. Caitlin also has a horrible cough. I asked if there was anything I could give her for it, and she said a decongestant. Well I figured I would wait to see how Caitlin was doing this morning before we left. This morning, Caitlin is still coughing, complaining about her ear, has a low grade fever, and is extremely cranky.

So… We are going to stay home. I do NOT want to take Caitlin into the NICU with all the small babies, some who are fighting for their life. Those little babies do not need to be exposed to my coughing child. Even though she can not go into the room with the babies, the fact that she would even be in the building concerns me.

I hate when my plans fail.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I know by other peoples standards my kids are angels but HOLY CRAP they are pushing my buttons today. Caitlin and Zoe decided it would be “fun” to play with the toilet paper in their room. Well this is my fault since the pack of tp was on the floor for a couple days and not where it belongs. But come on… Since when is toilet paper a toy?

Caitlin keeps making Zoe cry. I’m not sure how, because she only seems to do it when they are in their room. They are supposed to be picking up their toys but are not. I shut the television off after the toilet paper incident and now every few minuets Caitlin comes out and complains “My TV is off so I am out here because I am sad.” Okay… I tell her that I do not think she should watch TV since she is supposed to be picking up. Then she gives me these puppy dog eyes that are not working on me today.

This morning at breakfast, Caitlin wanted a banana, so I gave each of the girls one. Caitlin was playing with hers so I told her to stop. She said “But mom, we are eating bananas, so we are monkeys!” I told her that if she dropped her banana on the floor, momma was going to be MAD. Sure enough, a few minuets passed and she dropped half of her banana on the floor. Instead of eating the other half that was still on the table, she just whined about the one that was on the floor.

I asked Caitlin and Zoe to pick up all the toys in the living room and put them where they belong in their room. I had to ask twice before it was done.

We store some of the girl’s toys that are no longer played with in our tiny bedroom. This room as become some what of a storage room. I had to use the bathroom and when I was back there, I heard some noise coming from the room. Odd because they are not allowed in there, but there they were playing on the floor with their keyboard piano. So I told them that they could take it into their room and play with it and they could NOT go into that room again. Within ten minuets, I heard the door open… grr…

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weirdest Morning EVA!!!

This morning I wake up to Zoe crying. This really is not something too new; she tends to wake up before the rest of us. Well this morning, I went to get her out of her crib. Her bed was SOAKED, and I mean SOAKED. She some how traded her diaper for a pair of undies sometime after I put her to bed. I found her diaper outside of her crib, dry. How did she get the undies?? I asked Caitlin, who has been telling little white lies lately, if she had given them to Zoe. Her answer was “No.”. Okay... So I guess Zoe climbed out of her crib in the night and opened Caitlin’s dresser drawer, pulled out the undies, climbed back in her crib, took off her diaper, and put the undies on. Hmm…

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well I did not do much today, probably not even enough to blog about, but ya. I did some dishes...Two "drying racks" full and cleaned the kitchen. Not that you can tell, cuz the trash is overflowing...Yukcypoo.

When I got up this morning, I got followed for about an hour by Tico. That was weird. Normally he doesnt really want much to do with us. I thought maybe he had no food or water, but he I dunno! I guess he just wanted some attention.

I still did not put this mountain of clean laundry away. I should do that before it gets mixed up in the dirty laundry! I hate that when that happens...

I made some cards today.. That was fun. I took some of the stamped images I had laying around (ok well in a bin) and just created stuff with them.

Hmm what else did I do today... I took Caitlin to school...picked her up from school... Helped her clean her and Zoes room...Gave them a bath... Oh ya and fed them a few times.

I watched "LOST" tonight, it was OKAY. I dunno.. I am kind of bored with it, but I still watch it cuz I want to know WTF is going on. That and there is nothing else thats on at that time... Well Im sure there is, but nothing else that I want to watch

I need to get rid of this POS mouse and hook up my new one, but just have not gotten around to doing so. This one pisses me off... The pointer just jumps around randomly at times... Gets annoying and frustrating when it lands on something like "log out" and I click it cuz I thought I was still on something else that I actually WANTED to click on...

I feel kinda lazy lately. I am really stressed about some news that I received the other day. I cant really say much about it cuz its not set into stone yet.

Only 19 more days until I have to go house sit and Jodi sit. Weee. Im so excited. Can you feel the excitement flowing out of me?? Dont get me wrong, I totally do not mind doing a favor for my aunt and uncle. But Jodi is hard to take sometimes, and with as stressed as I have been feeling, putting up with her might just push me over the edge... I know... think of the money Ill be paid to Jodi sit. That should make it easier, but it doesnt. I just hope she doesnt have any incidents while I am there. In the last couple of months, she has had one (maybe two) seizures and she blacked out once (that COULD have been another seizure). The last time we house sat, she was quite the handful. I dont remember the details, but I know she pissed me off more then once.

Ok I guess I had stuff to blog about after all... Not that any of that was intresting though...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

New Year Resolutions Reminder

Just reminding myself of my New Year Resolutions...

-Stick to a daily schedule
-visit family more
-stay up to date with online clubs
-Relax and enjoy life

Hmm Ok so I can say that the third one was easy to do. I am tring to maintain a schedule, right now my sleep schedule could use some improvement though.

Ok... Thats it.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Wow time flies. Tomorrow is already Valentines Day. Seems like it just turned 2006! We got hubby a new video card and I got to order some stamps for our gifts. We are really easy to buy for when it comes to everything but flowers and jewelry. I like jewelry, just have never found anything I like to wear on a regular basis. When we got married we got the cheapest wedding bands we could find. This year we will be married for six years. We always talked about getting new wedding bands; maybe we will plan on this for our tenth anniversary.

I am working on some altered tins today. I love altering things. It’s so much fun. I have altered other tins and books. I hope to work on some scrap booking or stamping this evening too.

Front of tin

inside left

inside right

I am so happy that very few of our shows were not interrupted by the Olympics. I usually get unhappy around this time because TV tends to suck. Tonight is 24 night!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Hmm gonna try saving money this year... I hope it works out.. lol cuz I am bad, I like to spend spend spend. And of course, this change happens after I just spent money on a new barebones computer, a new desk, and bunk beds for the kids.

I have been working on some scrapbooks lately, I plan on doing one of each of us. I am currently working on Caitlins. Its going along smoothly! I can't wait to get it finished and work on Zoes! I think mine and Tonys will be the hardest to complete! hehe

Friday, February 10, 2006


We got our fedral tax return deposited today. It feels wonderful paying off a loan!

:D And now I can get new tires for the van!! Whoohoo!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


When its good, its great

When its bad, its aweful


My computer parts came yesterday and everything is back up and running!!!

In other news.. My mom is coming to visit us tomorrow! :D

Now I have to clean the house!LOL

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My new computer should be here tomorrow sometime! Probably in the afternoon sometime, since thats what time UPS usually gets here!!!

*starts waiting for the UPS man*

just kidding

not really

Monday, February 06, 2006


We went to the Lake Superior Zoo yesterday. It was a bit chilly, but nice. We saw Llamas, a few different kinds of bats, and monkeys, & snakes. They had two different nacturnal exhibts; one was a a "Northern Territory" and the other one was "Austrailian". The Austrailian exhibit had a very distinct smell and the zoo posted a sign stating that even though it smells, the cages were cleaned on a daily basis and the animals probably think we smell too. LOL

Image hosting by Photobucket
Caitlin with a ginormous bear

Image hosting by Photobucket
Zoe with the ginormous SCARY bear
Image hosting by Photobucket
Tony being ate by a Llama

Sunday was an awesome family day. I can not wait to go to the zoo again, maybe when its a little warmer... and we have more time. Caitln and Zoe had a wonderful time. Tony and I learned about a lot of things that Caitlin knew and we did not know she

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well Saturday made its way through the week, and here we are. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Not sure how much of that I want to actually watch tho. I guess it will depend on what hubby wants to do. I would love to stamp or scrapbook all day then chill at night, I am hoping my fav shows are first runs.

Ok well Saturday, blah blah boring.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Feb 3rd 2006

Oh my post titles are getting so intresting! hehe

Any who... today is Friday. Normally the IRS direct deposits their refunds on Fridays. Well its not here today. I guess we are out of luck until next Friday. SUX

I want my computer parts!

Well so far today, I have not done much around the house. I did some quick picking up last night, and the place looks OKAY. Funny how little things make such a big difference. Now I just have to get the laundry put away!

Whooohooo! It is snowing outside!! Now I wish we would get a blizzard. A good old fashion blizzard with 3 feet of snow. Like the one on Halloween several years ago. (Several several, like when I was a kid... it would have been my last year trick or treating)

We need snow soo bad for the local economny. The snowmobilers are far and few between. We had to cancel our "Winter Fest" due to no ice on the lake. They have snowmobile races on the ice. I guess pretty fun. Ive never gone.

We also need snow for our ginormous ski race that is held here every Feb....They put a ton of snow down on main street so they can continue the race to the finish line two blocks up from our apartment. Its pretty cool to watch.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ground Hog Day

Okay so one saw his shadow and another did not. Does it really matter? Does a groundhog trumph Mother Nature? I guess he says we are up for six more mild weeks of winter. Does that go for all of the USA?

I watched The Skeleton Key last night. *I* thought it was a good movie. I started to watch Four Brothers, but I started to fall asleep so I shut it off and went to bed.

I <3 netflix.

Why is it that the phone MUST ring during climaxes of movies?? Is there a written law some where that states that you may only call someone during the creepy scene of the movie? Hmm ok I guess Ill just call that Murphys Law. Who is Murphy and why does he get a law? I guess Ill have to google that... that was very intresting.

Why must FEMA and the US Government search for someone to blame with their lack of readiness when Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast? Why dont they just suck it up and get over it and do something about it instead of sit around and figure out who to point the finger at. Help those people. Yes it does seem as if though some of the poorest people went thru complete devistation of their houses, some people say they are just looking for a handout. WTF?? Their houses are NO MORE! GONE! I dont think FEMA and the government are doing all that they can. Normally I dont worry much about this stuff but its on the news every day. Kinda hard to miss it.

HA! It seems "they" have been putting this new comercial thing at the begining of DVDs. They still have the usual FBI WARNING, and what not, but now they have this thing where they play some music, show video of a car and the words " you wouldnt steal a car" pop up, then they have video of a man whos about to take a womans handbag "you wouldnt steal a handbag", next they show video someone in a video store getting ready to steal a DVD "you wouldnt steal a dvd" ... Then they go on to say something about how DOWNLOADING pirated movies is illega. They say NOTHING about burning a dvd. But I guess that is covered under the FBI Warning. Weirdos.

I miss my computer...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006




Still no tax refund (its only been a few days LOL)

Still no computer parts .