Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So the other night we were being lazy and did not want to cook. I wanted Chinese and Tony wanted Godfathers. Well I got my Chinese! It cost me 16 dollars plus delivery tip. I ended up with so much food! I ordered shrimp & snow peas, and some sweet and sour chicken. I got those two things in big boxes, then I got two smaller boxes of rice. WOW was it yummy! I can not wait to order again!

My fortune from my cookie: "Patience is one of the hardest virtues to master."

Gee thanks. I already knew that, and I have no patience! heh

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Once again...

"they" said it was going to rain today. I didn't really care to wait for the rain, so I watered my very thirsty flowers and plants. The last time they said it was going to rain, it did not, and there was not even rain in the 15 day forecast. Today it rained for MAYBE two minutes, if that. I am happy I watered my flowers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wow am I getting exercise from walking with the dogs and kids! Poor Hershey does circles in front of Zoe & I. heh We don't walk fast enough for him I guess!

I'm super busy these days! I wake up and take a minute for myself then I make breakfast for the kiddos, then take the dogs for a short walk. After we are all dressed, we take the dogs on a longer walk. WHEW! All this walking! I'm trying to break Hershey of his habit of pulling me down the hill to the trail, or just pulling at all. Its going ok.

Poor hubby is working his tail off! :( I hope he gets a chance to take some well needed and deserved Zzz's soon!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

We got him!

We got our new family member yesterday! His name was Hershel, but we changed it to Hershey!

JEEEZ It was hot this weekend! I can not wait for it to rain tomorrow to cool things off a bit!

Friday, June 15, 2007

A new family member...

No I am not pregnant, and do not ever intend to be again! We are however, obtaining another family member soon! When exactly I am unsure of, but the neighbors down the street are looking to give away a dog. The dog belongs to the lady's ex boyfriend, and he does not appear to be coming back for it. She put a few ads in the paper and told everyone she knows with out anyone wanting the poor dog. I told her that if she gets him fixed, I will take him. So when ever that happens, we will gain a dog.

His name is Hershel and he is a three year old chocolate lab. He is very friendly and just needs a good home. She is hardly ever home, just has no time for another dog, as she already has a pit bull.

The way life works is kind of funny sometimes. We were at a friends house Tuesday night, and they asked us if we wanted some chain link fence. There is at least one gate, hardware, poles, and a post hole digger. Because of the way our back yard is, we only have to shut off a small spot between our garage and the neighbors fence, then another small spot out back then the side of our house. I hope to be able to put fence around enough to have the back door open into the fenced in area. This will be so nice with two dogs and two kids! I can not wait to let Zeus run free with out the leash!

We also acquired a swing set frame with one swing. I noticed the neighbors a few houses down building a new one last weekend. I didn't want to bother them while they were building it, and then I never seemed to catch them outside! Well today, as the guy was dismantling it, I yelled over "Hey what are you going to do with that?" he says "Why, do you need a swing set?" I yelled back "yeah!". Turns out, just as I called over, he was picking up his saw to cut it up and haul it away!! Good timing huh! However, he did already bust off part of the middle legs, and cut off some of the bolts holding the end braces on, so we will have to buy some bolts, and figure out how to reattach the middle support. He said he didn't know where the swings where for it, but a few minutes later, he came over with one swing!

OH yeah... Our lawn mower died last weekend. I got two swipes around the back yard, and the throttle would not stay open. So I shut the mower off to get some wire to HOLD it open. Of course, when I got back to the mower, it would not start. So I stole all of hubby's DJ money and off I went, garage saleing. I drove by two sales, and didn't see any mowers, so I kept driving. I went down Peirce Ave. and found a sale that had four lawn mowers, four weed eaters and two chain saws. I got to pick! So $55 dollars later, I came home with a "new" mower. I get out back and start to mow, and hubby managed to START THE OLD MOWER. Grrr... oh well... It did not sound very healthy to begin with.

See the kids blog for Tadpole updates!!

Its hot

Well its not even 10am yet, and its already 77 degrees F outside! Probably inside too, because its hot and sticky in here. Gonna see temps of 93 or greater today.

Our new grass seed is starting to sprout! I guess that means I have been watering it enough! Although the front yard seems to be not sprouting yet.

Last night I broke our sprayer for our hose. Gonna have to water the grass with the watering can! heheh

I am going to have a garage sale next weekend! I have a list of stuff from room to room to start collecting. I figured I will need about 8 - 9 signs to put up so all directions since I can not afford to put a 16$ ad in the news paper!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Heres the Kids' new blog!

What am I?

What are these? You can not tell by the picture, but they have silver leaves, and smell minty! WHAT ARE THEY?!


Heres my compost "pile"

All about green

What are you doing to live more green? Do you know what I am talking about? Have you switched to compact florescent light bulbs yet? Do you recycle anything that you can? Do you have a compost pile?

We currently have four more light bulbs to replace with the compact florescent ones. Yes, they are expensive you say, but they last up to 8 years, compared to the one year if that of the other bulbs and our electric / gas company gives a 2 dollar rebate for each bulb you replace! You also save money on your electric bill by having them. I am sure if you write to GE and let them know that you would like some money saving coupons on their bulbs, they might send you coupons. Also, the GE bulbs have a 8 year warranty so if any expire before they should, call the company or write, and they will replace them. (don't forget to save your receipts along with the upc) I did this, I had TWO bulbs burn out, and they sent me TWO coupons for free bulbs up to 20$ a piece. So like my frugal self, (sometimes) I searched for the biggest box of bulbs! I ended up getting 8 bulbs at the cost of 31$ for FREE!

I try to recycle anything that I can. Wether its putting it in the blue bin for Mondays pick up, or reusing it with in our house hold, I just do it. Also, recycling saves on trash! We have to pay an extra dollar to set out a bag next to our trash can, so if I can recycle, we don't have to put out that extra bag!

Today, I am starting a compost pile! Eww you say? If done right, your compost pile should not stink! Besides, think about how much trash you are NOT putting into the land fills between food scraps & yard waste! I started gardening for the first time this year, and I can NOT wait to be able to use the compost in our flower beds and yard!

So thats what I am doing with my family to be more green! What are YOU doing? One person can not make a difference. Think again. Teach your children to live more green and then there will be more people!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Something interesting happened this morning. I heard very faint sirens from fire trucks and police cars. Next thing I know, Caitlin says "I hope they are not coming here!" I said to her "You can hear that?!" Caitlin replys "yes"

My little girl can HEAR! She got tubes on Monday, so hopefully this new "hearing" thing lasts! It was such a good feeling knowing that all the pain she went through and still has from getting tubes and having her adenoids and tonsils out has done something wonderful.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

whats new

Well lets see... I finished all of the flower beds, then I had to go buy flowers to put in them!!! I said I probably wasn't going to put anything in them this year, but after they were built, I just could not help myself! I got all kinds of different flowers, and don't ask me to name them because I can not pronounce half of them let alone spell them!! Pictures to come later.. I have no batteries for my camera!

Caitlin had her tonsils & adenoids out and tubes put into her ears on Monday. She is recovering very well. She was chattering as soon as she woke up. She is still on a "soft" foods diet for two weeks and still gets pain medicine every four hours, along with ear drops twice a day and amixicillin(sp) three times a day.

Thats all... I guess. lol

Saturday, June 02, 2007


So I have not posted in a while! So lets see... Last weekend was "Band Fest" in town, they had a carnival and a parade along with bands playing all weekend. Of course, we did not go. I played in the yard, finished another couple of flower beds (putting rocks around it) mowed, weeded, trimmed stuff, stripped paint off a door, cleaned the patio area, took more paint off the front pillars and did other yard stuff.

Monday, no school, didnt do much, Tuesday back to school, and the class picnic, Wednesday, I dont remember much. Thursday happened along with Friday. lol

Friday, I did my usual grocery shopping in the morning, and was sure to buy plenty of stuff for Caitlin after she has her tubes put in, and tonsils and adenoids taken out. Then we went out to eat for my birthday. Afterwards, we drove by Caitlin's new school since we no longer live in the "Hoover" district.

Today I got up way early... I was going to lay back down, but didn't get around to it heh. I was going to mow, but it was only 7, so I weeded the gardens and dug up some dandelions around the yard and flower beds and tried to just waste time. I finally mowed... then had Tony help me move the rest of the landscape wood ties so I could finish the last, YES FINALLY THE LAST, flower bed! WOOT! Still have a big pile of rocks though so now I have to get creative!