Sunday, October 30, 2005


Caitlin and I were talking about halloween, then it progressed into talk about animals. She loves animals. She told me that giraffes were to big to live in the house, but baby giraffes are this big (holds hands two inches apart). I told her that wouldnt be such a good idea because they would poop all over the floor. She then replied, we can get them some giraffe kitty litter, giraffe litter! LMAO!

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Intresting things happen while hubby is away at work. Yesterday the girls were playing over by the couch and coffee table. They sounded like they were having a blast, so I let them play. They played four about ten minutes before I hear *THUD* *silence* *CRYING* OK... I RUN over there to see what happens and all I see is Zoe with blood running down her chin. Ive seen bloodly lips a couple times before, but nothing to this severity. It wasnt horrible, but it wasnt good. Here lip is still a bit swollen and looks like she bit a chunk out. Ewww.

Later in the night, I download some LOST eppisodes and watch them, surf the TV for something OKAY to watch. Every thing was repeats. I ended up some how not getting eppisode 16 or 20, so I cant watch the ones that I did get, man this sucks! LoL I am half tempted to go BUY the boxed set if we wernt on such a strict budget! Oh I can wait I guess!

About 8PM my daughter comes out of her room. This usually infuriates me becuase she does the whole kid thing, "i have to go to the bathroom" " i am thirsty" "i forgot to brush my teeth" "i forgot to give you a hug" "i forgot to give you a kiss" "can i watch cartoons". This time was different. To start off, I wasnt mad at all, in fact, I was kind of happy to see her...Until she GAGGED ! LOL I told her to run the bathroom! She did... I followed, then noticed she smelled of puke. I tell her to take of her pjs, then I go into her room and her blakets, pillow, floor, stuffed animals, wall, curtains and other misc. items were covered in vomit. I have now washed the bedding FOUR times, and it still smells...good thing its Saturday and I dont feel like washing any thing else! OK enough puke talk...

This morning, I get up (i was half awake all night) check on Caitlin, look at the fish, run to the store for Milk, Prople, Rolaids (ive had some horrible heart burn!), gum, & a nail buffer.

I wake up Tony becuase he woke me up when he got home and TOLD me to WAKE HIM UP when the alarm went off. I guess he was going to go help some guys put up trusses (sp) on his new store for his race cars, or something like that. My first question was, "are you getting paid to do this??" he said "yes why the hell else would I get up this early! " LOL okiedokie then!

I make him clean the bedrail, curtains and wall and stuff because I had my fair share last night. (see above) He bitched and moaned but finally went and cleaned some of it up. I have to give him credit, its nasty cleaning up that stuff.

I can not wait until Monday, when we can spend some time together as a family. Its Halloween, so we will definatly take the girls trick or treating. I have not read the stuff yet, but in Caitlins back pack is some info about a walk in a pumpkin patch or something. I also read something at Walmart this morning about some trick or treating, or costume somthing or other. Ill find out more about that later. I called the family resource center and had them mail me a calender of events. They have a Costume Party open house from 10 to noon. Maybe Zoe and I will go to that since Caitlin will be in school having their party. So much to do so little time!! This all
sounds very exciting !

Oh ya... when I got home from Walmart, I fed the cats, and the fish and noticed one of our shrimp decieded to take a dirt nap. Or well maybe a wet nap. ANYWAYS he was at the bottom of the tank half white. I didnt want to fish him out at that moment becuase Caitlin was stiring around on the couch. I went to go dig him out later, only to find he was MIA. LOL I wonder where he went. I wonder if he was the one who JUMPED OUT OF THE NET yesterday when I changed and cleaned the fish tank, yes I know, this could be why he took a wet nap. What can you do. The tank was soo nasty you could barley see the fish and its a very tiny tank! LOL YES i know they say you should have ONE fish per GALON of water, but I thought one fish would get lonely, so we got two goldfish, who one happens to of turned colors on us, a platty, and two shrimp. Figured they would clean the bottom of the tank nicly. Back to the goldfish who turned colors. He looked like he was "dirty" the other day. So when I cleaned the tank, I quarentined him from the other fish. That was actually the OTHER reason why I cleaned the tank, in case he was ill or something. While I was cleaning the tank, hubby looked up on the net and found that gold fish CAN turn colors and the most common was black! WHEW! Today he is darker then he was yesterday.

OK Phone is ringing,,, bubbye

Thursday, October 27, 2005


My OTHER lazy ass cat!!!

This kitty is TICO. Our 4 year old named him after TICO, the spanish speaking squirel on Dora The Explorer!

im the map im the map im the map!


Today we all pretty much did nothing, except for Hubby, he had to work tonight. It was very relaxing to just hang out with my kids. We watched tv mostly, but it was all we seemed to want to do! TV and cuddling! Caitlin was very happy that Scooby Doo was having some kind of marathon on BOOM. She LOVES Scooby Doo.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NOW its over!

WHOOHOO! The workers came today to finish putting the celing back up! We are officially DONE!

And in other news, Zoe and I went to our second play group! WHOOHOO! We had fun, we painted, played with playdough, dressed up for halloween, played with a few other kids, and ate some lunch!

Then later, one of therapists came to work with Zoe. She is in the birth to 3 program for Speach Therapy, and they come work with the kids in several other areas that go along with learning. We (meaning I) freaked out because she was almost two and should be saying about 20 words and she was only saying about 3 and not on a regular basis. She has progressed a LOT in the last five months! She now jabbers in that language that only babies can understand, will try to tell us things, and now she copies what we say to her!

Ahhh *takes shoes off and puts feet up*

The life of a mom

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Its not over!

Well just as I thought our leaky roof, fallen celing and so on was fixed... Hubby looked up and asked me "is that supposed to look like that?" Um ya.. our celing was very bowed and probably could have fell at any moment. So again workmen in and out of the apartment to fix the stupid celing! Grrr The took down the celing tiles, putting back some, unable to put back others, so now they will be back on Wednesday afternoon. Oh Joy.

Can you feel the excitement??


Monday, October 24, 2005

Hmm AND here is the lazy butt Dejadahpornkitty in the same spot different day!
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Comfort Zone

So I suffer from anxiety. I tend to not like social settings, and it takes me a while to warm up to new people. My 4 year old daughter is in her second hear of preschool. Friday they are going on a feild trip. I over heard another mother asking if she could bring her 19mo. old on the feild trip, the leader had said "no , because you will be too busy with the older kids". She looked very dissapointed, so on her way out, I stopped her and asked her if she needed a sitter so she could do these things. We talked about it and how it would be a great resourse to have since our youger children will probably be in the same classes also, and we could trade babysitting with each other. We exchanged phone numbers today and are meeting up later this week at my daughters play group! :)

This weekend, my family and I went shopping together. My 4 year old kept asking to go to "Emilys house". I had to tell her "I am sorry sweetie, I am not sure where Emily lives!" My 4 year old goes on to tell me that she "lives in a HOUSE momma" LOL Sooo since I was already out of my comfort zone, when I saw Emilys mother, I told her that my daughter kept asking to go to Emilys house all weekend! So she gave me her name and told me she was in the phone book and told me where she lived, and that Emily has a birthday party comeing up in November! LOL YA! I STEPPED OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!!!

put back together

I am sooo happy! The last thing they had to do for this leaky roof mess was to blow in insulation! They came this am and did it! WHOOHOO!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I am on a diet and it SUCKS! I am soo hungry! I want CHOCOLATE!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ahh the life of a house cat...

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more "drying"
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this is the smaller part of the left hole in the celing (as you can see they removed the paneling to dry)
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This was in the hallway
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Our roof leaked, which caused our celing to fall in our bedroom! UGH SUCKY ! Our bed has been in our living room for almost 3 weeks now! Well today they put down a new carpet pad and restretched the carpet! WHOOHOO! The only thing that is left to do now is blow insulation back in there, which will cause a mess in my laundry room! AGH! Cant win! LOL Oh well the bed is back in the bedroom again! Im soo happy!!

the other part that fell
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"little miss muffin sat on a puppet" - Caitlin age 4


I have been dieting now since the 10th of October. I stopped drinking soda, started eating better thne I went on a slimfast diet. That didnt work out so well! I gained 4 pounds!! I started taking TRIMSPA... Well I lost the four pounds now.. LOL

Friday, October 21, 2005