Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quote of the day

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."
– Robin Williams

Going back to school

No, I am not talking about my 6 year old or even my 3 year old. I am talking about me. I decided that I am going to go back to college. I want to be a counselor or a talk therapist. I just feel there are not enough of these in the world, since every time *I* try to make an appointment, I can not get one for three months. In order to do this, I would either need a PhD in Psychology, or a Masters in Social Work.

Of course the college that I want to go to does not have this exact field at this point. They are switching to a different college, so at that time, they will have more of what exactly I want. So for now, I am in the "Criminal Justice" program, which will help me be more aware of the system which would help me have a bigger client base.

I chose this college for several reasons. 1) Its smaller, and has less students and smaller class sizes. 2) The other college in town, NIAC, is so busy with students, sports, and other things. 3) I wont have to take a zillion English or Math classes to get where I want to go 4) Its close. I don't have to drive out of town or to a bigger city

I am very excited, yet disappointed that I can not get into the fall term until October 8th!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dogs vs. Cats

So I have been a cat person all my life. In fact I say that after my children leave home, and if my husband were to pass before me, I would be come "CAT LADY" ...

I have not had a dog since I was a child. Ive always had cats though.

Today I just realized that a dog is so much more loyal then a cat. Dogs want your attention all the time, and don't really care. But I do know we have two very needy dogs. But cats? They will only pay attention to you if you are busy. You know, reading a newspaper or magazine that they can lay on . They also only want attention from you when THEY want, if you want to socialize with them, they usually have other things to do. You know, very important stuff... like nap... take a bath... lay in the sun...

Friday, August 17, 2007

New product on ETSY

I just put a new digital kit up in my Etsy store! This one is called "Back to School" Go check it out!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to routine.

I get stuck in a rut. A lot. My house is a mess, my family and myself mostly is disorganized, everything is just messy.

Last week I attempted to "get back into my routines" and failed. I am unsure why I failed, but I did. FAIL.

So this week I am going to keep on track of my daily tasks, attempt to keep up my routine, and hope that I can slide into the new school year smoothly. So you may find several posts on what I have done, or need to do from time to time. At least if I type it in here, I can reread it over and over, and feel better about getting things done. Checklists do not always give me the satisfaction of putting a line through a task.

Also. I figured out another little way to remind myself to take my morning medication! At night, as I take my medications, which I never forget to do, I flip over the bottle of morning meds. That way in the morning when I remember to take my meds, I will know for the rest of the day because the bottle will be right side up! I still write it down, or try to remember to write it down, but I have been doing this for three nights now, and have remembered both mornings! WOOT!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

when I am bored...

I do stuff like this...



Dont click on them to make them big. because it probably looks totally edited when HUGE. hehe


Last night while grilling I discovered that my saliva's were seeding! So promptly after dinner, I went outside to pick some and collect the seeds. This was fun, and I got a lot of seeds! I did mix the red and the white, but Ill get over that. (someday) I have enough seeds to plant the same amount, if not more, then I bought from my local greenhouse. I am excited. These were fun to watch flower and they grew nice and tall. I would like to plant them thicker next year...

WARNING: If you plan to do this, think about it first. If you are scared of spiders or other type of small insects, do NOT attempt this. I repeat, DO NOT attempt this!

I found several spiders and small insects that live in the petals of these flowers. They are kind of bell shaped, but longer, and make perfect hiding places and nesting spots.

The crab spider was one of of several that I found. I swear he stopped moving and put up his arms like he was going to pinch me. It was kinda scary other then the fact he was smaller then a pencil eraser!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Big People Stuff!

We had some friends that invited us over for dinner. We have not done this (with FRIENDS) since we lived in St. Louis Park. We were very good friends with our neighbors, Jana & Jeb. We often made dinner for each other and were almost always at one an others apartment. I miss that so much. I miss having friends live so close that you can go over in your pajamas or even barefoot!

We had a good time chatting with other adults on other things then work! It was awesome! I guess its our turn to invite them over! I cant wait! :D

Sunday, August 05, 2007


So I figured out why the frogs died. When I got the organic dirt stuff, you cut it into chunks and place it into water so it expands. The stuff expands like 10times from its original size.

Our frogs are (were) small. They absorb the water from every thing they sit on or in. Since I did not treat the water that the "dirt" soaked in, they absorbed plain old tap water with all the wonderful chemicals that the city and who ever put in there. :( Thats what did it. Sorry little buddies!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bad mother bad wife bad pet owner

I killed the frogs. Not on purpose, but accidentally. I think they dried out when I put in the organic dirt. *sigh*

My husband could not find pants or a shirt today because I thought I only had to do his laundry for work once a week, because I thought he had enough clothes. Oh, and I forgot to buy an ironing board when I went shopping. And no I don't have a surface that I can iron on. *sigh*

Something got into our trash last night. Again. It seems to be happening once every couple of weeks. Its getting old. I would put my trash can into the garage, but that would be too easy.