Monday, July 17, 2006


Guess what... ITS HOT OUTSIDE... and inside too

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Today was Saturday. Duh. It was also my day of nothing. The only thing that I had planned for today was to go weekly grocery shopping with FIL to help out with what we eat. After our trip to the store, I went shopping with MIL. Well sorta.. we went to Target then to Arbys. I have issues with dairy products sometimes, but they had a Orange creame swirl shake that sounded wayy yummy... so i got one.. few mins later my tummy started to gurgle.. so instead of finishing our shopping trip at another couple of stores, I asked her to take me and my rumblin tummy home. Well I ended up taking a nap and not doing much after that...

The kids are STILL up and its 11:09! Grr..

Ok anyways I still did not get my paycheck. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I am M A D. lol ok it better be on my payroll card by 12:01am or Im gonna be pissy when I make it to work at noon.

Going to play scrable then to bed!

Friday, July 07, 2006


Another one of those days....

So I get a call from Express Personel Services at god knows what early morning time ... "Can you come in before you go to your appointment at *********?" Ok I have no idea what I said, and I barely remember even talking to them. So I call them back after I realized I talked to them... So I went there around 11:15am. Filled out an application, took a mini test and was told to go to my appointment at the other place (its a job thru them) So I go there and take my test there for the job, one part personality, another reading and comprehension, and the last one was math. Yeah. I failed. I know I failed the R&C and the math parts... Makes me wonder if I totally failed the personality one too lol ...

OK so by the time I get back to EPS's, they tell me I failed, then ask if I still wanted to take my typing test incase another job opening comes up. Sure. Why not. Im there already right? Well it was 1:10pm, and my "appointment to test" was at 2. So I went to the Iowa Workforce Department to turn in four applications I got yesterday. And back to EPS I go ... Typing typing, alpha numeric, 10 key... yeah I did 58wpm for typing, and I did pass another thing, but I failed the 10key, and another one... Woot.

Well all day I have been waiting for a phone call from Kelly Services because my paycheck did not show up on my "payroll debit card" like it should have. Finally when I got home, I got through to someone and they told me that there was an error due to the holiday and they are aware of it, and they called everyone with an automated thing....

... Kim comes down this morning, and I ask her "who the heck called?" She said that one of them was just silence... so she hung up.. I totally would have done the same too... Turns out, that was my automated service calling me. lol I told them to delete that number from existance and ONLY call my cell... heh figures.

So its now 4:22 pm, and I feel like one great big broke failure!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Its already July! Where does the time go? It seems the older you get the faster it goes.

I reallly really really miss our cable internet. I miss the speed and the fact I could be on it when ever I wanted... Or that I could make phone calls while I am on the internet...

I am in charge of an online group and ive been neglecting it because the page wont ever load :( My husband is realllly behind on getting new music for work too.. sux.

WOOT! I have a "test" tomorrow for a temp agency, its a typing, word, & excel test... so if i pass that, i go to the company and take another test. I hate tests! But I hope I pass! Wish me luck!

bleh. ok thats it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You know your fat when...

... someone asks you how far along you are. OMFGWTFBBQ! Why would you ask someone that if you didnt know for sure if they were pregnant or not??? HELLO? ugh... so yea.

So for the most part, other then it being a four letter word, I like work. I like work at KRAFT. I am still looking for a nice desk job because that i could do full time where as the KRAFT thing my body can only handle so much... I stand and walk a lot. The plant is HUGE. I wouldnt mind, but i get wayyy warm when I walk to do the trash and collect cardboard n stuff.

So everyone says "your moving to IOWA?" or "you moved HERE?" like there is some big horrible thing about Mason City, Iowa. There are the same type of people everywhere you go. There will always be the gossipers, the trouble starters, the lazy bastages that dont do jack shit... and so on. Some one asked me before I moved here "why do you think MC IA would be better then any of the other places you lived?" My reply was "nothing... I am not expecting anything to be any different."

OK im being wayyy tooo wordy...

So anyways...


just kidding