Thursday, March 30, 2006

Update for the week ... sorta

My mother in law pointed out to me today that I have not updated my blog since Monday. Oops! So sorry devoted readers of my blog! So here is a recap of the week! :D

Caitlin is always asking me to take her picture. So the other day when she was watching TV, I took her picture. Several times; and Spots picture also. She was watching Scooby Doo, Zoe was sleeping, I was scrap booking, and the cats, as usual, were sleeping.

When I went to the doctor for my bruises, he did some blood work. He called and left a message that my blood work looked normal but one level of something was a bit off and to call him if I get more bruises. When I was in the shower on Monday, I noticed that my bruising came back, in the same spot. So I called and talked with his nurse today and she told me to make an appointment with the Hematologist. So I have an appointment April 13th for that.

Tony got hired for a job at the Finish Line on Tuesday. It was weird because I had a strange feeling that day. I can not describe it, it was just different and I knew something was going to happen that day but was not sure what. I guess Tony also had that feeling when he walked past the store. They let him apply on the spot even though you are supposed to apply online since they don’t open until Friday. Awesome. My husband has a job!!

Yesterday when I got home from picking Caitlin up from preschool, I checked the phone to see if anyone called. Well I saw that Ron & Carol called, so I returned their call. They told me we are moving the birthday party to their house on Sunday. It’s easier for Grandma Helen and Jodi to have it there. Also my grandparents are getting up there in age too. We decided that we are going to have spaghetti and meatballs with some garlic bread, and sandwiches for those who do not like the main meal. I’m kind of excited because I found a super easy recipe for cream puffs and I plan to make some for the party.

Monday, March 27, 2006


I have been waking up in the middle of the night for no particular reason at all. I was sitting in the kitchen window around 11:50 looking at the stars. I love the stars. I hope to own a ginormous telescope some day. Anyways, as I was looking up at the sky, I saw the strangest thing. There were two lights, kind of orange, that went streaking across the sky. There were no fans, or anything else making noise outside, so I know it was NOT an airplane or helicopter.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another long day

And its not even close to beining over with...

Today was another long day of Caitlin and Zoe picking on each other. I asked Caitlin to pick up in her room while I made lunch. I didn’t have the light on in the kitchen and Zoe was right behind me when the light turned on. Then I heard Caitlin run back to her room. When I went in there, she said “Mom the kitchen light turned on all by itself!” Yeah okay whatever. UGH!

After lunch, I put Zoe down for a much needed nap then put a movie in for Caitlin. I went to go lay down too! A few minutes after I fell asleep, Caitlin came in and told me she was hungry. I told her she had to wait until dinner to get something to eat. Again, just after I fell asleep, she came in and woke me up and told me someone was at the door. So I got up and rushed to the door, where nobody was. If someone had came to the door, usually they knock more then once, and even if they had then left, the bottom door would not have closed until a minute or so after they left through it.

I do not know how to deal with her “story” telling. It is getting out of hand. Either stuff happens by itself, or Zoe did it. It is very frustrating.

Friday, March 24, 2006


I added another album to my photobucket. This one has digital scrapbooking pages that I have done!

Take me to this new album!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my new found hobby!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am weird

I totally have OCD. I can not let my stamps get out of place. They are categorized by size of the box, then the name. I had to move around some stuff because I got new stamps and had to move some other stuff off of this shelf because I could not put the small boxes on top of the larger boxes.

I can not let fabric get pilly. I must take my fabric shaver to it and get them all of. I spent 30 minutes on Zoes mattress pad. I also do this to the couch. I love our couch but it is very high maintenance.

Some days I have to go through our pantry and organize the food and cans. Label out, all in a nice row, veggies on the bottom, fruits and canned meals and soups on the next, snacks on third, and going from the other direction, cold cereal then noodles, then boxed meals and mixes. They all have to be in a nice straight line, none out of their place.

We have three large drawers in our bathroom. The top one is for hair things only. The second one is usually only for diapers and wipes, but a couple of Kleenex boxes snuck in there. The bottom drawer has toilet paper and other various toiletries. The toilet paper MUST be in a straight line even if there is extra room in there. I like to keep it full, because then it has no choice but to be in a straight line.

My desktop icons, the very few that I actually do have on there, must be all lined up and in order by name.

My new desk must be cleaned off all the time. I wipe the top of it down at least once a day, sometimes more then four times. Depends on how many hand prints my kids and I get on it.

The Propel in our fridge must be lined up perfectly, but only if there is a case or two in there. Other wise they just get thrown in any old way.

My pillows go in the same spot every night on the bed. One way for when I am playing my game boy, another for when I am sleeping.

I dust once a week, sometimes two times even though the house is a complete disaster.

I hate fingerprints on the coffee table and end table, and on the windows. Do not touch the windows! Do not draw in your spit on the windows (Zoe)!

I have a folder in My Documents called LISTS. There are several lists in there.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I am so stressed out right now, I think I have caused myself to be sick. I have a massive headache that will not go away. Every little noise makes my head pound. I took some motrin, and some aleve, and its still here.

I know what is causing my stress, and yet I dont have any control over it.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Days are completly different when Caitlin is in school. Zoe doesnt say much, she plays by herself, reads books, all kinds of things. She doesnt yell at me. She is just as demanding as Caitlin, but completly different.

Here is a super cute photo I took of Zoe this afternoon when she was flipping through this Disney book.

Just minutes after I took this picture, Zoe demanded I take out her pony tails.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

WOW to zero in one day

Today was extremely boring.

Except my kids. Im soo happy there is school tomorrow!

Zoe screamed, cryed, and whined all morning.

Then in the after noon...

"MOM Zoe pulled my hair"
"Mommm Zoe hit me"
"Mommm Zoe threw something at me"
"MOmmm Zoe took a cup in here and dumped on the floor"
"MOMMMMM Zoe took away my toy"
"MOmmmmmmmm Zoe did this"
"Mom Zoe did that"


They went to bed early. VERY early.

Mmm Peace!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

WOW Lots of stuff going on…

… Jodi went back into the hospital last night for seizures and was transported to Marshfield this morning, so Ron and Carol are headed down there today to be with her, she has tests on Monday & Tuesday

… I talked to my Grandma Lill and she is moving into an assisted living apartment complex. She is 86 and I guess she is going down hill. Grandma spent a couple of weeks in the hospital this month.

… My dads phone is disconnected. I tried to call him about Caitlin’s birthday party!

… My aunt from Colorado is coming tomorrow to help get Grandmas stuff organized and weeded out since she will have less space in her new apartment. I think she will be here to help move and stuff also.

… Last night after I fell asleep, Zoe came into my room and woke me up. I guess she learned how to climb out of her crib! Great! NOTHING is safe from Zoe now! Id put up a baby gate, but that doesn’t do much good when Caitlin just takes it down when she wants to go where ever. We never had to deal with Caitlin crawling out of her crib since she was in a toddler bed at nine months old. She was walking and talking and would get her arms and legs stuck in the bars, so it was good for her then.

… I have clean dishes. I have no dirty dishes! This is amazing! I always have dirty dishes, but now I have none.

… I went through a bunch of stuff in our storage room. I moved the dresser back into my room so I have room to actually move in there when I am sorting through stuff!

… I took out the trash on my own; TWICE. All by myself! I still have desk parts that need to go to the trash, but give it time.

… I left the house today. I had to meet someone in Trego to give the rollerblades. She contacted me through freecycle. I like freecycle even though some people are weird. They ask for lots of stuff. Greedy people I tell ya! Also, I thought that the group I was in was for people in OUR area. The lady who wants the other rollerblades lives in Eau Claire. That’s almost two hours away from here. She would meet me in Rice Lake, but sheesh, that’s too far to drive to GIVE someone a pair of rollerblades!

… My children are pushing my buttons today. They keep getting into the pantry and bringing food in their room. The bad part is, I am sitting right here and I can see when they come and go from the kitchen but I have not seen them take any food! Sneaky little squirrels! Zoe has also started to dump her milk by squeezing the lid on the sippy cup.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 11 & 12

I would have posted this YESTERDAY, but blogger was down.

Day 11

Today went rather well. Ok well the MORNING went rather well. I took Caitlin to school and Zoe and I came home. I put Zoe down for a nap and was about to get into the shower when the phone rang. “Christy, this is Pastor Tony. Jodi just collapsed on the floor”. Ok so I go wake Zoe up and zoom down the stairs, stop at the bakery for an orange juice (Jodi is diabetic) then headed to the church. It is only about five minutes away, but that seemed like for ever. When I got there Jodi was on the floor, awake but not really with it. Soon after I got there, she started seizing. I told them to call the ambulance. The ambulance took FOREVER to get there. She seized the entire time. Once they got there, she sort of came out of it, but was really dazed (as she is when she has had a seizure.). They took her to the hospital; I had to go meet them there. I went to the bakery and said I need a sitter NOW, any one got any ideas? LOL of course! They all wanted Zoe. So that was out of the way. I went to the hospital where Jodi was already in a bed. Shortly after me getting there, she started to siueze again. They had already given her an IV for some fluids, so they pushed some valium. They called her main clinic, and the neurologist was not available to talk to the ER doctor. So he called up to another bigger hospital for a second opinion type thing. After 45 minutes, she finally stopped seizing. It was kind of weird because shortly after Pastor Tony had arrived is when it stopped.

Finally she got released after an hour of no seizures, so we went and picked up Caitlin from preschool (I knew I was going to be late so I called and had her put in after school day care) then went and got Mc Donald’s.

We were home, we ate dinner, and everything was fine. I tried to get a hold of R&C because they landed at the airport at 2:30pm. I could not get a hold of them so I called Carols sister to find out what hotel they were at. She did not know, and told me to call Carols son, John. He did not remember the name of the hotel either. LOL great.

After dinner, Jodi said she was going to go get her blanket and pillow and rest in the chair. Just as she got her stuff on the chair, she flopped out of her chair onto the floor. She was not conscious when I went over to see if she was okay. Soon after, she came to. I called Carols sister back and told her what had happened again. A few minutes after I called her, she called back and said her and John were going to come admit Jodi into the hospital just to be on the safe side.

So here I am with no Jodi to sit and an empty house. I went home for the night. BLEH!

Day 12

R&C got home this afternoon around 12:30. They would have been back sooner, but when they went to go leave, the van would not start! The battery was dead! They had to get a jump start. I kept tring to call their cell phones. Carol put hers in her suit case, then she could not find it when they went to leave London. She found it finally an hour after being home. I asked Ron where HIS cell phone was, he said in his truck! LOL

I am home now. Its really weird. Tony is not in bed sleeping, or getting ready for work. The house just has a strange feling like something is missing. Good thing I know what is missing, my husband! Wow do I miss him! I really hate being up here in Wisconsin and him being in Iowa, but it is something that needs to be done. The fact that we are so far away might be good for us. It will give us a new found apreciation for each other! Everyone can use a little wake up call once in a while!

I can not wait to move to Iowa. I am so excited. I can not wait to be around Tony again. I cant wait until we get there. MIL & FIL will have so much fun with the girls! I can not wait to move, but I am dreading the actual "moving of the stuff" part.

OK.. Im done!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day 10

Day 10

Wednesday was okay I guess. I took Caitlin to school, and then went home with Zoe while Tony packed for his move to Iowa. I am going to miss him. Even though he doesn’t help out around the house much and I end up picking up after him, he still does take out the trash, cooks once in a while, and spends time with me. I will miss his company the most.

When I was at home trying to get everything clean and stuff done, Jodi called. “I’m really dizzy, help me” Um ok... your dizzy what do you want ME to do about it? I told her to go lay down IN HER BED. That way if she does pass out, she won’t fall on the floor. Well I guess one of the ladies downstairs ended up calling to see how she was doing, and Jodi said “Not good, I am really dizzy and can not get dressed.” She did NOT tell ME that she could not get dressed. I would have run over there and helped her if she had told me. But she didn’t.

So after asking her several questions later in the day, she told me her dr gave her vicodin for her shoulder. Then after many more questions, she told me it was for her knee. Later she told me that it was for her back. I asked her if she took it everyday. She answered with “Well it says as needed” I asked her again if she took it every day. She finally said yes. WTF? She takes it EVERY DAY? I asked for how long… Since she was in the mental ward last year. OMG. You mean to tell me she’s been taking it EVERYDAY since October/ November?? Geez

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 9

Tuesday was weird again. We went home to spend some time together as a family and for me to get some more house work done. I get a call right away in the morning. "My laundry hamper is too heavy. I cant move it, I need some help". Okay... Take half of the laundry out, haul it to the laundry room, then go back for the other half. "Well... um... hmm... its heavy." Okay.. I tell her she is an adult, she can handle that. Few hours later, I get another phone call. "i am dizzy.. very dizzy" ...Well what do you want me to do? She checked her blood sugar, and it was fine, so it was not that. Seriously. What else could I do? I told her to go lay down for a nap.

We travel back to R&C's house in the early afternoon. Jodi was still taking a nap. That did not suprise me much considering she slept all day on Sunday and Monday.

Before dinner, I went to go take a nap. Just as I fall asleep, I hear Tony calling for me. I kept saying What? Whats wrong? as I was walking up the steps. No one answered as to what was wrong. Well I guess, according to Jodi, she passed out and fell to the floor. According to Tony, she FLOPPED out of her chair (last i knew, you go limp when you pass out, so FLOPPING out of the chair is just ... well... weird) onto the floor. So much for my nap. Yes. I know that was a bit selfish of me to think about my nap, but when someone says the "passed out" and someone who I trust the truth from, tells me she "flopped out of her chair onto the floor"... Hmm ... Well I guess when Tony was on the floor saying her name, he grabed her hand, she grabed his, then let go all of a sudden like OMG Im busted, or some shit.

I just have a really hard time beliving what she says. She tends to lie to get her way. I know most of the reason she called about the laundry and then later about being dizzy was her tring to get us back there. Then when we did get back, she went on and on about how she misses her mom and Ron. So that kind of confirmed what i thought.

Again, I am going to say this. I do NOT have to be there 24 hours a day to "babysit" her. Her mom even lets her be home alone for many hours at a time. R&C told me and her that I do not have to sit there with her all day.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Day 8

Today was weird. It snowed a lot... about 8 inches or so. Not like thats a big deal because we DO live in Wisconsin. School was delayed two hours even though all the schools around here were closed. The owner of the preschool called around 7ish this morning to tell me preschool was closed, good thing too because I would have taken Caitlin to school. Last time we got a bunch of snow, I called to see if there still was preschool, she told me yes, as long as the schools have regular school, there will be preschool. I wasnt sure about the delay, so I was just going to take Caitlin in at 10. Good thing she called.

Jodi turns weird when ever my husband is around. Im not sure why, but it just happens. She did her normal blurbing out stuff that no one needs to know, then felt the need to make up for it for the rest of the day. After making Tony feel like shit, I chewed her out. I did not yell, I just was very firm in what I said. When I was finished, I told her at least three times NOT to applogize to Tony because it would just upset him more.

I love my husband so much. I wish R&C would realize just how much I really do love him. I can honestly say I truely am still IN love with him. He does so much for the girls and I. I try to thank him for what he does for us, but I do not as often as I should. He is my rock. Why dont they see this?? I wish I could just tell them to lay off. I am not sure how they would react if I did say something, but I really wish I had the guts to say anything. Maybe after we make our complete move, then I will be able to say something since we wont be living under their "roof". It is down right exhausting being caught in the middle. I love them too. They have done so much for me before I met and married Tony. They continue to help now and then. I will never be able to repay them for all they have done for me and my family. I guess thats why it is so hard to say ... anything.

I really can not wait to get home. I miss our little home. Even though it is an apartment, it is our home. Any where we end up, as long as we are together, will be our home. Yes I know what I just said about us being together is what makes it a home, but I feel so out of place here. Its not OURS, if you know what I mean. Its not our bed we are sleeping in, its not our couch we are sitting on, its not our TV that we are watching, we do not have the same closeness here as we do at home. I feel like we have to tip toe all around here. I am in the "red" room right now. I was told not to come in here. Why I am not sure. But here I am, because this is where the internet connection is. Why can we not be in this room? I dunno. whatever.

I can not wait to have a conversation with my husband when there are no nosy ears listening to every little word we whisper. Jodi is so nosy about everything. I cant even go outside at night with out hearing "Oh I heard you go outside last night at *insert time here*" ... SO WHAT! I went out side. big freakin deal. Stop watching the clock! Grrr

We dont have a TV in our bedroom at home. All the tv watching we do is in our living room. The girls have a TV in their room. So Tony and I were taking advantage of having a bedroom with a TV when we hear this strange noise. Then we see Jodis head peek around the corner of the door. She brought me my laundry. She folded my laundry. As if it were another guesture to "applogize" for her earlier behavior. I felt like MY space was invaded. She never comes down stairs, partly because she is in a friggen wheelchair... AND there is nothing down here that she needs to get at. Why is she so damn nosy?? UGh...

*** Four very long days left

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 7

Unevenful. Sort of. More later.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Day 6

Day 6

Today I was reminded as to why I am here. Jodi told me when I got up this morning that she had an insulin reaction in the middle of the night. She tried calling down the steps for me but I am a heavy sleeper and did not hear her.

After her night of running high and low, she was extremely tired. She was resting on the couch when she had a seizure. Yet another reminder as to why I am here.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Day 5

Day 5

Today was slow; other then being woke up with some weird news at 1:00 am. Not that I mind, Id rather hear it at 1am then never.

I was in such a horrible mood when I woke up this morning. I knew why, the news Tony delivered to me in the wee hours of the morning. I just had to get out of this house to blow off some steam. So I packed up the kids and we went home for a few hours. I can’t say that I got much done, but the girls pulled out the baby doll stuff that I had put away since they never play with it. I took a nap, so I didn’t know they took the stuff out to play until I had woke up. I wasn’t even mad, only because they had not woke me up to ask me to get it out for them. I went to the bank then headed back over to R&C’s house.

Didn’t do much in the afternoon, took another nap while Zoe napped, then got up and finished up some laundry. I made dinner, and then watched the girls play, then it was the long horrible task of getting the girls to pick up the toys. Zoe did not want to sleep. Instead she threw a ginormous fit and would not calm down. Finally I let Caitlin out and let her go watch some more cartoons until I knew for sure Zoe was out.

After everyone was in bed, I watched a movie; it was called “Happy Endings”. It was an okay movie, glad I rented it through netflix instead of buying it. It mad me laugh, it made me cry. I tend to like movies that do that. Even though I am crying because of what is going on in the movie, it still feels good to just cry once in a while, just to let it all out.

Shortly after I woke up from my nap, Kim called about the house we have wanted to see down in Mason City, Iowa. I love the layout, the amount of space, and the fact that there really is not any “wasted space”. I hate wasted space in houses. It sounds like overall it is an okay house, but it has a very old furnace and a cistern which takes up almost half of the basement (yes wasted space, but we dont need much of a basement). I had to google cistern. I had originally thought it would be something like coal storage or something, but I guess I was wrong. Thank you Google! Also I guess the neighborhood is not the greatest, but I am sure it’s not the worst. My children will never be outside unattended. I am far too paranoid to let them go out alone. So THAT won’t be an issue. Guess we will have to do some more digging around about the neighborhood. I also want to know why the house was aparaised at $42,000 and the asking price is $49,900. I love the fact that this is a four bedroom, with one bedroom on the main floor. Awesome awesome awesome. Can you say craft room, play room?? WoOt!

***7 more days.

Stress level: Elevated (orange)

Last night Tony came home and woke me up and said “Would you like the bad news or the worse news first?”

I hate hearing those words; so many things run through my head when those words have been spoken. All I could think of was Tony’s car was in a ditch, he hit another deer, or he was in a car wreck.

Back at Ground Zero

I feel like everything we have worked at in the last few months was destroyed in an instant. I don’t know how we are going to pick up the pieces this time. We did pay a lot of stuff off with our tax returns, but we still have weekly bills.

I am not sure how we are going to get through this; I am not even sure if Tony will get paid for this weekend due to the circumstances involved. He usually gets paid every week on Saturday. This will hurt us immensely. I am not sure we can recover from another blow right now.

So much for my life becoming less stressful.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 4

Day 4

I feel like I’m a cast away writing in the sand about my daily journey through the traitorous island. As I awoke from my night of sleep, I went to go hunt for food. Ok not really. I am not sure if it’s because we decided to move, or the fact that I can actually fall asleep at night before my pills kick in due to the Heart Charka cd that I came across, or the charka bracelet that I recently purchased, but I feel like I am in almost perfect harmony.

Today was not an unpleasant day at all. It went by rather smooth. I got up, the girls got up, and we had breakfast (even though Miss Caitlin eats at school), got dressed and headed out the door. I dropped Caitlin off at school, and Zoe and I went to the apartment for a bit. While Zoe was watching cartoons, I went and said a quick hello to Tony. I rubbed his back for a bit, and then shook him to try to wake him up; he opened his eyes for a brief moment, and then quickly dozed back off to sleep. I kissed him on the forehead and left him alone.

When I went back into the living room of our apartment, I realized that half of my stamping and scrap booking stuff was at R&C’s house, and so was my computer. So I bundled up Zoe and we headed back to R&C’s.

Tony came by to visit and say hi before he left for work. I went and picked up Jodi, then Caitlin, then stopped by the bank and post office. I also had to pick up my prescriptions from the pharmacy. When we got home, I decided I did not feel like cooking, so I allowed Ronald Mc Donald to do the cooking for us. On the way to Mc Donald’s, I stopped by the house to get some stamp sets and ink.

The rest of the evening went fine. Caitlin, as usual, did not want to pick up the toys. After me repeatedly telling her she had to or I was going to throw them away, she finally did.

The end.

8 more days!

Day 3

Day 3

Day three was interesting. I dropped Caitlin off at school, and then Zoe and I went home. Tony was sleeping, and so Zoe and I took a nap. The phone rang; it was Jodi. She said that she was going to go to the store for some stuff; shower shine, cat treats, Clorox wipes, and the taco mix thing that Ron didn’t pick up. I told her do NOT go to the store, I had been told by R&C not to let her go to the store.

Zoe and I went to Wal-Mart after being awoken from our wonderful slumber. I decided to pick up some Clorox wipes in case I could not find any at R&Cs house. I also got Jodi the kitty treats that she wanted so bad.

When I first got to Wal-Mart, I noticed the bus that takes Jodi everywhere. I almost went up to the driver to see if he was there waiting for Jodi, but I didn’t. I quickly walked around the entire store to make sure Jodi was not there. I didn’t see her, so I did my shopping and left.

When we got home, I waited a bit before I woke up Tony. I am really glad that we got to visit a bit. I really missed him when he was out of town, and then now working.

I made a soft taco bake (kit) for dinner. As always, it was very yummy. I gave the kids a bath put them to bed then went and laid in bed to watch some TV. I ended up falling asleep sometime after 8:00 pm and before 11:00pm. Caitlin came in at 11:00 and woke me up for something to drink. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before I took my pills so I took them late, and now Ill be tired all day Thursday.

Everything else is good I guess

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day 2

Day 2

Today was yet another uneventful day. I like it this way. Of course there was one incident that kind of ruffled my feathers a bit. I was talking to my aunt Carolyn on the phone for a while. Soon my cell phone rang. I have our home phone forwarded to my cell phone while we are house sitting. I look at the phone, it says “Jodi”. I didn’t make it in time to answer it. I decided it was time to get off the phone with my aunt so I could see what Jodi was up to. Then my cell phone rang again. Guess who. I again missed the call and the phone stopped ringing. So I tried to call Jodi back; straight to voice mail. Okay so I tried another couple of times; again, straight to voice mail. I figured the only way her phone would do this is if she was either calling someone else, or had her phone off. Well knowing Jodi, she was calling everyone in her phone book to tell them she could not find me. Finally after 20 minutes of trying to get thru on her phone, she answered. I asked her “Who did you call after you called me twice?” she replied with “No one”. I told her that if she had not called anyone, her phone would not have sent me to voice mail. Again, she said no one. After asking three more times, she finally said she called the bakery and called R&C’s house to see if I was back there. So she DID call someone. UGH!

I went home and did some more cleaning today. The house should be SPOTLESS by the time we are ready to go home. It will be wonderful. Normally I do a bunch of cleaning in one day, then get so wore out that I don’t clean for a week. By then the place is completely trashed because none of us (including myself) know how to pick up after our selves.

I changed the cat litter, washed some dishes, swept the kitchen floor, vacuumed in the girl’s room, washed more of our bedding, dusted, and cleaned the TV and windows. I can’t wait to go over there again and do a bit more. By the time we get home, I want to start a major de clutter job so we have less to move. No matter what I get rid of, we still will have a lot to move, but less would be better. Besides, no use of moving the stuff we don’t need or want all the way to a different state.

I made spaghetti for dinner. It turned out rather yummy. Of course Zoe and Caitlin did not agree. They played with the food on their plates for a while before I got frustrated and took them away.

*** Ten days left.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Day 1

Day 1

Today is off to an okay start for house sitting and Jodi sitting. Nothing too exciting has happened. Ron and Carol dropped Caitlin off at school on their way out of town. I went home to do some cleaning, laundry and to visit the cats for a while this morning. Then to the post office, later Zoe and I brought Mc Donalds back to R&Cs house. I am rather mad at Mc Donalds though. The toy that was on the drive thru board was NOT the same toy they gave me. It was a cute puppy thing, but the awful toy we got was some weird looking guy jumping rope. I went and got my computer today around 2 then to pick up Caitlin from school. Good thing, because I am bored out of my mind.

Tony is still down in Iowa job hunting. I wish him luck. I really miss him being around and I hope he comes back to me soon or even at all. I hope he finds a great job. I can not wait to get out of this town and away from my many “babysitters”.

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as exciting. Unless my husband comes home to me, then I will be very excited!

Tomorrow night is open scrapbook night. I am not going because that is MY time and I am not going to lug my children there with me. Besides, even if I do take them with, I will not get anything done! Not like that is anything new from other nights I go but still.

On a side note, its amazing how much stuff myself and the children will need for only 12 days. Clothes, toys, bath stuff, shower stuff, stuff stuff.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oh Joy!

Oh great. It’s Saturday night. That means, tomorrow I must lug the children and 12 days worth of stuff over to my aunt and uncles to house and Jodi sit. I’m very excited. No. Really, I am. (Not) I can not wait until the 17th when I can lug the children and our 12 days worth of stuff back home. Is it the 17th yet? Please say yes.

What am I going to do for 12 days away from home? I don’t know. I am thinking of lugging my computer over there so I have SOMETHING to do. I guess I could bring my stamping/scrapbooking stuff, but I have a feeling I won’t be in the mood to actually stamp or scrapbook over there.

At least Tony gets to go to Mason City, Iowa to job hunt. He will only be gone Sunday Monday and Tuesday, and then be at work Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday, and I bet he finds a way to run away again the next week. I totally don’t blame him. But if I have to put up with Jodi, he should too, dammit! Okay, maybe not, but still. he he

I am so thrilled about going over there tomorrow; I haven’t even started packing yet. Some of that has to do with the laundry I still have to do, mostly not though.

Can I possibly bitch anymore? I am sure that I can. I’m really good at it too!

“Oh did you cut your hair?” “Um no… not in months actually”

“Oh I miss you guys so much” “great whatcha going to do when we move to IOWA!”

“Oh look at me look at me!” ugh.


yes. I put some really offensive yellow in there, just to annoy you as much as I will be in the next few days.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Yesterday I went to St. Cloud to visit my friend Heather (pinefeather). The drive there was short, the way home took forevvvverr. When I got there, her kids came to me like I have been around often. It’s been a very long time since I have gone to see them. Our schedules just never matched up, and if they did, it would snow, or something silly like that.

Tacy went to school around 12:45, and then Heather, Hana and I went to lunch and shopping. While we were at McDonalds, Hana decided that she really likes me. She crawled almost on my lap and cuddled with me. In her sweet little voice she said “Christy, I love you!” Hehe so much fun.

Heather had a meeting for work at 5, and Hana was still napping when we left. I guess she asked where mommy was, then where Christy was.

We went to Crafts Direct after lunch. Man I love that place, it’s so big and they have everything.

We really need to get together more often. We have a lot of fun when we do get together!