Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am weird

I totally have OCD. I can not let my stamps get out of place. They are categorized by size of the box, then the name. I had to move around some stuff because I got new stamps and had to move some other stuff off of this shelf because I could not put the small boxes on top of the larger boxes.

I can not let fabric get pilly. I must take my fabric shaver to it and get them all of. I spent 30 minutes on Zoes mattress pad. I also do this to the couch. I love our couch but it is very high maintenance.

Some days I have to go through our pantry and organize the food and cans. Label out, all in a nice row, veggies on the bottom, fruits and canned meals and soups on the next, snacks on third, and going from the other direction, cold cereal then noodles, then boxed meals and mixes. They all have to be in a nice straight line, none out of their place.

We have three large drawers in our bathroom. The top one is for hair things only. The second one is usually only for diapers and wipes, but a couple of Kleenex boxes snuck in there. The bottom drawer has toilet paper and other various toiletries. The toilet paper MUST be in a straight line even if there is extra room in there. I like to keep it full, because then it has no choice but to be in a straight line.

My desktop icons, the very few that I actually do have on there, must be all lined up and in order by name.

My new desk must be cleaned off all the time. I wipe the top of it down at least once a day, sometimes more then four times. Depends on how many hand prints my kids and I get on it.

The Propel in our fridge must be lined up perfectly, but only if there is a case or two in there. Other wise they just get thrown in any old way.

My pillows go in the same spot every night on the bed. One way for when I am playing my game boy, another for when I am sleeping.

I dust once a week, sometimes two times even though the house is a complete disaster.

I hate fingerprints on the coffee table and end table, and on the windows. Do not touch the windows! Do not draw in your spit on the windows (Zoe)!

I have a folder in My Documents called LISTS. There are several lists in there.


T. said...

yeah, but i still love you baby... even if you are batshit crazy

InsomniacRed said...

Oh good! I love you too!