Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another long day

And its not even close to beining over with...

Today was another long day of Caitlin and Zoe picking on each other. I asked Caitlin to pick up in her room while I made lunch. I didn’t have the light on in the kitchen and Zoe was right behind me when the light turned on. Then I heard Caitlin run back to her room. When I went in there, she said “Mom the kitchen light turned on all by itself!” Yeah okay whatever. UGH!

After lunch, I put Zoe down for a much needed nap then put a movie in for Caitlin. I went to go lay down too! A few minutes after I fell asleep, Caitlin came in and told me she was hungry. I told her she had to wait until dinner to get something to eat. Again, just after I fell asleep, she came in and woke me up and told me someone was at the door. So I got up and rushed to the door, where nobody was. If someone had came to the door, usually they knock more then once, and even if they had then left, the bottom door would not have closed until a minute or so after they left through it.

I do not know how to deal with her “story” telling. It is getting out of hand. Either stuff happens by itself, or Zoe did it. It is very frustrating.

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