Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day 10

Day 10

Wednesday was okay I guess. I took Caitlin to school, and then went home with Zoe while Tony packed for his move to Iowa. I am going to miss him. Even though he doesn’t help out around the house much and I end up picking up after him, he still does take out the trash, cooks once in a while, and spends time with me. I will miss his company the most.

When I was at home trying to get everything clean and stuff done, Jodi called. “I’m really dizzy, help me” Um ok... your dizzy what do you want ME to do about it? I told her to go lay down IN HER BED. That way if she does pass out, she won’t fall on the floor. Well I guess one of the ladies downstairs ended up calling to see how she was doing, and Jodi said “Not good, I am really dizzy and can not get dressed.” She did NOT tell ME that she could not get dressed. I would have run over there and helped her if she had told me. But she didn’t.

So after asking her several questions later in the day, she told me her dr gave her vicodin for her shoulder. Then after many more questions, she told me it was for her knee. Later she told me that it was for her back. I asked her if she took it everyday. She answered with “Well it says as needed” I asked her again if she took it every day. She finally said yes. WTF? She takes it EVERY DAY? I asked for how long… Since she was in the mental ward last year. OMG. You mean to tell me she’s been taking it EVERYDAY since October/ November?? Geez

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