Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 11 & 12

I would have posted this YESTERDAY, but blogger was down.

Day 11

Today went rather well. Ok well the MORNING went rather well. I took Caitlin to school and Zoe and I came home. I put Zoe down for a nap and was about to get into the shower when the phone rang. “Christy, this is Pastor Tony. Jodi just collapsed on the floor”. Ok so I go wake Zoe up and zoom down the stairs, stop at the bakery for an orange juice (Jodi is diabetic) then headed to the church. It is only about five minutes away, but that seemed like for ever. When I got there Jodi was on the floor, awake but not really with it. Soon after I got there, she started seizing. I told them to call the ambulance. The ambulance took FOREVER to get there. She seized the entire time. Once they got there, she sort of came out of it, but was really dazed (as she is when she has had a seizure.). They took her to the hospital; I had to go meet them there. I went to the bakery and said I need a sitter NOW, any one got any ideas? LOL of course! They all wanted Zoe. So that was out of the way. I went to the hospital where Jodi was already in a bed. Shortly after me getting there, she started to siueze again. They had already given her an IV for some fluids, so they pushed some valium. They called her main clinic, and the neurologist was not available to talk to the ER doctor. So he called up to another bigger hospital for a second opinion type thing. After 45 minutes, she finally stopped seizing. It was kind of weird because shortly after Pastor Tony had arrived is when it stopped.

Finally she got released after an hour of no seizures, so we went and picked up Caitlin from preschool (I knew I was going to be late so I called and had her put in after school day care) then went and got Mc Donald’s.

We were home, we ate dinner, and everything was fine. I tried to get a hold of R&C because they landed at the airport at 2:30pm. I could not get a hold of them so I called Carols sister to find out what hotel they were at. She did not know, and told me to call Carols son, John. He did not remember the name of the hotel either. LOL great.

After dinner, Jodi said she was going to go get her blanket and pillow and rest in the chair. Just as she got her stuff on the chair, she flopped out of her chair onto the floor. She was not conscious when I went over to see if she was okay. Soon after, she came to. I called Carols sister back and told her what had happened again. A few minutes after I called her, she called back and said her and John were going to come admit Jodi into the hospital just to be on the safe side.

So here I am with no Jodi to sit and an empty house. I went home for the night. BLEH!

Day 12

R&C got home this afternoon around 12:30. They would have been back sooner, but when they went to go leave, the van would not start! The battery was dead! They had to get a jump start. I kept tring to call their cell phones. Carol put hers in her suit case, then she could not find it when they went to leave London. She found it finally an hour after being home. I asked Ron where HIS cell phone was, he said in his truck! LOL

I am home now. Its really weird. Tony is not in bed sleeping, or getting ready for work. The house just has a strange feling like something is missing. Good thing I know what is missing, my husband! Wow do I miss him! I really hate being up here in Wisconsin and him being in Iowa, but it is something that needs to be done. The fact that we are so far away might be good for us. It will give us a new found apreciation for each other! Everyone can use a little wake up call once in a while!

I can not wait to move to Iowa. I am so excited. I can not wait to be around Tony again. I cant wait until we get there. MIL & FIL will have so much fun with the girls! I can not wait to move, but I am dreading the actual "moving of the stuff" part.

OK.. Im done!

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