Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Zeus

Well I guess its my own fault, but he pee'd on the floor last night. He jumped down from my shoulders, and dissapeared. Then he came back to me with a very guilty look on his face, so I went on a puddle hunt. Found one on the landing of the steps... To the kennel he went. I never really take him out when he wants to go for two reasons.. 1) i take him out so much as it is, 2) I never really figured out what he does when he wants to go out...

My new thing for the day is, he stays in his kennel. I let him outside when ever he barks. This will hopefully do two things A) he barks to go out, 2) he doesnt bark when hes in his kennel. HA! Wish me luck, hes already been out twice for barking while in the kennel.

Pickin on Caitlin

OK first off, how am I supposed to update my blog when theres a cat that likes to lay half way on my keyboard??

*pushes Deja off the desk*

Ok so Im not sure on how this got started, but last night was "Pick on Caitlin" time. Shes always asking whats for dinner, is it ready yet, and a million other questions. So Tony, Bryan and I told her it was her turn to make dinner. She told us that she didnt know how to cook... So we all whined about how hungery we were. She said "FINE!" and said she only knew how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We all said "OKAY!" and she was off to the kitchen. She took out the bread & jelly and then said "I DONT KNOW WHERE THE PEANUT BUTTER IS"... "Oh there it is..." Then we all yelled to her how we wanted our sandwiches. One of us said w/mustard, another said toasted, another said mayo. We kept changing our minds and saying something else. It was so cute... she took her chair into the kitchen and says "I can not reach the plates!" She proceded to get the bread open and put it into the toaster (i have it on almost the highest setting cuz i make myself english muffins for breakfest) ... Im not really sure what she did between, cuz i was on the couch and could not see into the kitchen.

I asked tony, is she really making toast? He shook his head yes... LOL a few mins later, we hear the toaster pop... then we smell burnt toast... she says something about how its burnt or too done or something...

After about 20 mins of us badgering her, she walks out of the kitchen with a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for Zoe, then brings out her sandwich... lol

omg it was so funny...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Saturday!

Four days till School starts! Oh should I be counting down?? LOL

So I guess we are supposed to get some snow? My FFweather says no snow till Sunday...but I guess thats only tomorrow... As long as the snow doesnt affect the kids going back to school.

My friends boy is here today too (he was here yesterday) so hopefully the kids stay busy. Im not sure what I am gonna do today but I need to be productive.

Stupid paypal! I am tring to shop for our TFMR Secret Santa gifts, but it wont let me pay for my stuff (even though I have more then enough in there) because I dont have a credit card or bank account attatched to my paypal anymore. STUPID. bleh.

ok tata for now

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas / Winter Break

UGH! Who came up with this horrible two week off crap? Dont they know kids get bored to tears when they are at home for this long? Dont they know parents get bored to tears LISTENING to how bored the kids are?? WHYYYY WHYYY WHYY Do they put us thru this?!

With all the toys they got for Christmas, you would think they would have stuff to do all day every day for the rest of the next year... but noooo....

Caitlin has been talking non stop! Even the entire ride to Hayward, and part of the way home, she chattered. Endlessly. About nothing. Kinda like im doing here. LOL

Then there is Zoe, who can not pass a day with out throwing a fit. She constantly asks for food. Zoe -"Mom can I have fruit snacks?"
me - "you just had some"
Zoe - "mom can i have..."
me - NO you just ate breakfest...and you didnt even finish it.
(she will ask every minute for the next twenty mins) ...
then she moves on to
Zoe - "MOM can i have a cereal bar?"
me - NOOOOOOOOOOOoo (again every min for the next twenty.)
Zoe - "MOM can i have juice?"
me - "Sure you can have some juice" *pours juice into cup*


Then some where in there every day she throws a fit... even if I say things like "You have finish your cereal first" or "After Dora is over you can" or "You can have some after you finish eating your lunch"



Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day before Christmas...Con't.

We had an early Christmas here at our house. Part of our early Christmas was the party we had last weekend.

Saturday morning, R & K , and B & K came over to open presents with the girls since we would be gone for Christmas Eve & Day.

Zoe actually got to open her presents because she wasnt ill yet. She did need some help because she wanted to play with the first one she opened. Then the second... then the third.... lol

Heres some pics of their gifts!

Caitlins Doodle doggie!

Zoes Doodle kitty!

Littlest Pet Shop Biggest Pet Shop!



More... lol ok we dont have ALL these, but we do have MOST of them... I was tring to get it to show the page with our pets saved, but its not gonna happen i guess...

Caitlin asked for this dog. A dog with a collar. I was completly baffled... I had no clue what she was talking about. One day when i was at Fleet Farm, I asked. They showed me the wake up rescue pet! LOL OK now i was getting some where. Kim had asked me what else to get the girls, and the dog popped into my head! Heres their dogs!

Caitlins Rescue Wake Me up Pet - She named her dog Sofie

Zoes Rescue Pet Zoe named her dog PeanutButter

The girls carried their pups every where when we were gone... They barked most of the way to WI but I finally shut them off! LOL

Day before Christmas...

Well ive been tring to get all the Littlest Pet Shop pets that we got together... but the website is pissin me off!!!!!!!!!!!! Grr...

ok more later

Happy Holidays

Well the girls and I went up north to see my aunt and uncle...Got there around 5 on Christmas Eve. Of course, Zoe spiked a fever and complained of her ear hurting. She was up all night screaming and crying :( My poor Zoe.. So I drove home Christmas Day and got home around midnight. Zoe was not feeling well at all, she didnt even open her gifts! :(

The girls got some really fun stuff. They got a puppet theater, a family of puppets, some roylaty puppets, a cookie baking set, a pastry baking set, silverware, utensil set, bedding, really cute clothes, and pajamas!

We are having a problem with Caitlin lieing latley. So last night after the kids puppet show, tony and i did one. We did a alternative to Peter & the Wolf. hehe

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

The kids and I are leaving some time in the morning tomorrow for Wisconsin. Im not sure when we will be back. Im not sure about anything these days! LOL everyone keeps askin me "when you leaving? what time? when will you be back?" i dunno... I havnt really put much thought into it because I dont really feel like being stressed because "I am leaving at 9am", and I'm no where NEAR being ready and its 10am. I DO know that if I leave early enough that I can make it to Karen and Renee's Christmas Eve party...But again, I dont want to say "IM LEAVING AT 9am." lol

Mmm stress freeee

Friday, December 22, 2006


Why must the hamper be bottomless?? How did we get sooo many clothes again?? I weeded them all out so we had enough to get by on... and now we can go a month with clean laundry with out washing anything... Where did it come from?? Where did all my socks go? The kids have tons, hubby has six tons, where are MY socks? The sock monster hits again...


I havnt been here since Tuesday! Dunno if thats a bad thing or a good thing! Ok more later... maybe

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good Morning!

This morning, for no reason that I can figure out, I woke up at 6:30. I kind of wanted to go back to bed, but I did not. I started some laundry, cleaned up in the kitchen a bit, filled up the dishwasher, and started it.

Today is late start, so Caitlin did not have to be to school until 9am. I am happy I did not go back to sleep because I would not have wanted to get up to take her! Caitlin is "Super Star" this week. That means she decorates a "All about me" poster, brings in different things every day. Tuesday is favorite toy, Wednesday is favorite book - She chose "How do Dinosaurs Clean their room", Thursday is "Bring your favorite hobby or collection" - Her collection are The Littlest Pet Shop toys which are very small so I took three pictures and printed them out for her to take to school, Friday she is to bring her favorite snack to share - She wanted to bring fruit snacks!

So we got her "class photo" on Friday. They dont make them the way they used to, you know, all the kids stand up infront of the camera. This came on an 8 x 10 sheet, with her photo being bigger, then smaller school pics of the other kids with their names under them. Weird. Oh well, at least no one got to make funny faces or bunny ears in it!

After taking Caitlin to school, Zoe and I went to WalMart. Have you ever had to LEAVE a store because of someones purfume?! OMG my nose was burning! Normally this sort of thing doesnt bother me so bad! My eyes started watering.. ugh.. I had to leave.. I wasnt done grocery shopping, but the whole side of the store smelled...

I want to paint the hallway today so I can put up my curtains! I dont like those stupid pull down roller blind things. They dont like me either...

Caitlin, her teacher, and a few of her classmates were on the front page of todays paper! They did a fundraiser "Coins for Cheer". So go buy a paper! (well if you live here .. grandma.. LOL )

Im off!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Secret Santa

So for one of my secret santa gifts, I got the following shirt.



damn dog bit me! Grr.. Its my own fault... I was brushing Caitlins hair when she said "Mom stuffing came out of Zeus's baby". (Zeus has a teddy bear) So... thinking omg he could swollow it, I immediatly reached down to grab it from him with no warning and I grabbed his mouth. So.. he bit me! Ouch ... it hurts... he actually broke the skin! :( Oh well.. Im over it, and I know he is.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Can I sleep now?

Ok so the party went great, wish Tony and Gma C could have stayed a bit longer, but well Tony had to get to work, and Gma C had to get home. I hope everyone had a good time at my first get together OTHER then birthday partys. Those I just make sloppy joes and say OK!

Today I made a pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans and buns (pulsbury of course!) Gma C and Craig brought some potato salad, baked beans w/ mini weaners, and some other salad stuff. They also made a pumpkin desert that was reallly yummy along with some chex mix. I put out pretzils, meat and cheese tray, and some christmas sugar cookies (pulsbury of course!) Hubby made (ok went to the store and purchased) a hersheys pie and a banana cream pie.

I am exhausted. I probably wont get anything done around the house for a few days now unfortunatly. That is no good. Positive thoughts. I must remain productive. I have to take a road trip next weekend and I need to leave my house in an orderly fashion so I can return to a nice clean house.

...ooo000(flylady says "just 15 mins!")




Ugh! I CAN DO IT. ... i hope...

Its the day!

Today is the day of the Party Party. I had to tell Zoe several times that it is not a birthday party, but a party party. lol

I have so much to do...

First order of business, eat breakfest.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Morning

Ok I know I have lots to do today because we are having a get together at our house Sunday, but my gosh... Zoe was up at 4am drawing on her magnadoodle, and then Caitlin thought it was a good idea to be up at 6:30.


Things I have to do today:

-Sweep and mop the kitchen floor
-Sweep and mop the bathroom floor
-Peel potatoes
-Vac' upstairs
-Laundry, since our dryer wasnt working for a few days
-General straightening up
-Cut meat and cheese
-Pick up yucky cig butts outside
-Doggie poop duty
-Vac' the couch
-Clean the tree skirt
-Help Caitlin decorate her "Super Star" poster for school
-Put closet door back on (dont ask)
-Finish putting up speaker wire
-Clean desk

And Im sure I have plenty of other things to do today too... bleh.

Friday, December 15, 2006

My dr is trying to kill me

So I called in my refils for my 3 different pills last week Thursday expecting to be able to pick them up on Friday. Only one of them was ready. I have no pills, so they give me two of the other two that are not filled to get me thru till Monday. Monday I go to pick up my pills, still not ready. So they give me one more of both the two that have not been called back about yet. Tuesday, one of them was filled. Got to pick up the third on Wednesday.

Anyways, I went two days without the third pill. I felt weird yesterday. Like I had zero energy and zero drive to do ANYTHING. That sucked. We are having a get together at our house on Sunday, and I have lots to do before then. An entire day wasted.

Ok gotta take the kid to school!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pretty In Pink?

Here is the girls pretty princess castle room. Dont mind the blue tape still in the corners, the unfinished doors (we are going to be stripping them back to original WOOD.) or the ripped plastic that was my attempt to keep them toasty this winter, but they didnt want to be warm, so they poked holes and ripped them....

Also... in my mind, i had envisioned the accessories to be bigger and the shelves to be smaller... and I cant find the tea sets i want to put on the other shelves ... lol and yes they appear to be croocked, and those suckers are a bitch to put up!

Ok... so here is my design disaster... Oh yes... a valance to come later when i get some $$$ to buy it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


member those pics i was talking about way back in November?? HERE. Go look. Pics of the room from hell, and our doggie Zeus that we rescued! (pops)