Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pickin on Caitlin

OK first off, how am I supposed to update my blog when theres a cat that likes to lay half way on my keyboard??

*pushes Deja off the desk*

Ok so Im not sure on how this got started, but last night was "Pick on Caitlin" time. Shes always asking whats for dinner, is it ready yet, and a million other questions. So Tony, Bryan and I told her it was her turn to make dinner. She told us that she didnt know how to cook... So we all whined about how hungery we were. She said "FINE!" and said she only knew how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We all said "OKAY!" and she was off to the kitchen. She took out the bread & jelly and then said "I DONT KNOW WHERE THE PEANUT BUTTER IS"... "Oh there it is..." Then we all yelled to her how we wanted our sandwiches. One of us said w/mustard, another said toasted, another said mayo. We kept changing our minds and saying something else. It was so cute... she took her chair into the kitchen and says "I can not reach the plates!" She proceded to get the bread open and put it into the toaster (i have it on almost the highest setting cuz i make myself english muffins for breakfest) ... Im not really sure what she did between, cuz i was on the couch and could not see into the kitchen.

I asked tony, is she really making toast? He shook his head yes... LOL a few mins later, we hear the toaster pop... then we smell burnt toast... she says something about how its burnt or too done or something...

After about 20 mins of us badgering her, she walks out of the kitchen with a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for Zoe, then brings out her sandwich... lol

omg it was so funny...

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