Sunday, December 17, 2006

Can I sleep now?

Ok so the party went great, wish Tony and Gma C could have stayed a bit longer, but well Tony had to get to work, and Gma C had to get home. I hope everyone had a good time at my first get together OTHER then birthday partys. Those I just make sloppy joes and say OK!

Today I made a pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans and buns (pulsbury of course!) Gma C and Craig brought some potato salad, baked beans w/ mini weaners, and some other salad stuff. They also made a pumpkin desert that was reallly yummy along with some chex mix. I put out pretzils, meat and cheese tray, and some christmas sugar cookies (pulsbury of course!) Hubby made (ok went to the store and purchased) a hersheys pie and a banana cream pie.

I am exhausted. I probably wont get anything done around the house for a few days now unfortunatly. That is no good. Positive thoughts. I must remain productive. I have to take a road trip next weekend and I need to leave my house in an orderly fashion so I can return to a nice clean house.

...ooo000(flylady says "just 15 mins!")




Ugh! I CAN DO IT. ... i hope...

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