Saturday, December 16, 2006

Good Morning

Ok I know I have lots to do today because we are having a get together at our house Sunday, but my gosh... Zoe was up at 4am drawing on her magnadoodle, and then Caitlin thought it was a good idea to be up at 6:30.


Things I have to do today:

-Sweep and mop the kitchen floor
-Sweep and mop the bathroom floor
-Peel potatoes
-Vac' upstairs
-Laundry, since our dryer wasnt working for a few days
-General straightening up
-Cut meat and cheese
-Pick up yucky cig butts outside
-Doggie poop duty
-Vac' the couch
-Clean the tree skirt
-Help Caitlin decorate her "Super Star" poster for school
-Put closet door back on (dont ask)
-Finish putting up speaker wire
-Clean desk

And Im sure I have plenty of other things to do today too... bleh.

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