Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Zeus

Well I guess its my own fault, but he pee'd on the floor last night. He jumped down from my shoulders, and dissapeared. Then he came back to me with a very guilty look on his face, so I went on a puddle hunt. Found one on the landing of the steps... To the kennel he went. I never really take him out when he wants to go for two reasons.. 1) i take him out so much as it is, 2) I never really figured out what he does when he wants to go out...

My new thing for the day is, he stays in his kennel. I let him outside when ever he barks. This will hopefully do two things A) he barks to go out, 2) he doesnt bark when hes in his kennel. HA! Wish me luck, hes already been out twice for barking while in the kennel.

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