Monday, May 28, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Some times change is good sometimes it is bad. Next year Caitlin will be attending a different elementary school because when we moved into our house, we were outside of the school district for her current school. So we will see if she moves easily into the first grade. I hope it goes well, and I have told her a few times to tell her class that she is going to a different school next year so hopefully they pass it on to their parents and contact us. I am sure it probably wont happen the way I hope it will, so I might send something to school with Caitlin with her name and our phone number. You never know, maybe she made some really great friends.

I am unsure if she has any particular friends from her class this year. She never comes home and talks about the same kid twice. She talks about them all equally. In preschool, she would often come home talking about the same two girls.

Also with her getting tubes and having her tonsils and adenoids removed, she will be able to hear better, or so we all hope. I hope she will pass her hearing tests at her new school, since she failed all but one at her current school.

As far as home goes, I can not wait till she can hear me. I often get frustrated and end up yelling because she can not hear me, then I feel horrible. I don't like yelling at my kids, or being short with them, but sometimes it happens. I am hoping it will happen less after the tubes. I also can not wait to not have cartoons blaring early in the morning!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ok fine.


Oh crap I got to do the dishes too.



There is a song by psycho stick called "I HATE DOING LAUNDRY".. hehe

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Who let the dog out?!

Sooo I was outside on the porch smoking, when across the street, this big dog, is walking down the side walk like he owns it. He stopped to pee on the neighbors yard bag, then he crossed the street and came straight at me, stopping at our yard bag then on to my car tires. I stomped my feet and the dog didn't even flinch. He continued on to my back yard. When I went inside I heard him in our garage messing with the trash bags. So I called the cops!

The cops came, and I told the cop he could go back there first! He shined his light around as I told him what kind of dog it was or at least a description, and that it was wearing a blue harness.

Just after he headed back to his car, I heard the dogs down the street freaking out. I told the cop that I'd look over there. Then just after he got back in his car to drive down the road three driveways, I heard the worst noises I have ever heard coming from two dogs. Apparently, the loose dog attacked a Malamute that was chained up in the back yard. It sounded horrible and seemed to go on forever. The cop ended up spraying the dog with pepper spray.

After the owners had came home (oh yea they were not even home!), a bunch of neighbors that had witnessed the attack were talking, when one lady was on her cell phone, and told us all that the same dog has attacked before. And yes, they are putting the dog to sleep, and the Malamute has a few puncture wounds, and is a bit upset.


What do you do with a three year old who gets out of bed while you are sleeping?! I come down stairs this morning to find all kinds of things out of place on my desk. I know my husband did not make the mess.

What do I do??

Saturday, May 19, 2007

things i did TODAY!

-sprayed the outside of the house, patio and garage with bug killer stuff
-sprinkled a different kind of bug stuff in my flower garden
-mowed the grass
-picked up more rocks under the snowball bush tree thing
-spread weed & feed under the snowball bush tree thing
-planted my "flowers" (the ones I started from seeds)
-dug up three bushes, roots and all
-filled in the holes from bushes and covered with "peat"
-trimmed the flowers lining the back wall of the garage to give my Daisy's & Black Eyed Susan's some sun
-filled the pool
-called out for food (this was the hardest obviously)

I feel like I am forgetting something! Oh and I did most of the above before noon. The stuff that came after noon was filling the pool and covering the holes. I was outside for almost 11 hours today! Pretty good for someone who does not like being outside!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Busy busy again!

Today was kind of a long day. Got the kids up and dropped Caitlin off at school, then went my usual Friday morning grocery shopping. Also I picked up a few non grocery items such as bug killer for my flower bed, some sand box toys, shave gel, razors, and some bug defense stuff that you spray around the inside and outside of your house.

Then at 9:30, Tony, Zoe and I were off to the school for Caitlin's "music program". I think it lasted about an hour, which is a long time for Zoe & Caitlin! I am way impressed by their behavior!

After leaving the school, we had to go get some lunch. We went to Burger King, then drove to Big Blue to eat our food. After that, we decided we better swing by the rent a center to see about getting a new dryer. We found one for 199, 90 days same as cash. We can totally come up with 199 before our 90 days. It is used, but it also is a decade newer then the current one that no longer wants to work.

After rent a center, I talked hubby into actually buying the sand box this week. *I* have only been talking about getting one since we moved in, figured since they were on sale a couple of weeks ago for almost 15$ off, and we had a rain check, we would stop and get one if they were in. We now have a box.full.of.sand. hehe The girls have been in there a lot already.

I managed to get in a nap as Tony trimmed the bigger branches of the tree I started on the other day. I guess I am not strong enough to use the giant cutters.

Around 4ish Tony's brother came to get him so they could go to a Psychostick concert in Cedar Falls. After they left, I called and asked MIL & FIL if the girls and I could join them for supper! So we all met at pizza ranch, and after going our separate ways, the girls, again, played in the sand box.

Ok so I guess I didn't do much today, but it sure feels like I did a ton!


So the "call before you dig" people ended up marking a few spots where I want to put in the new flower bed. I could do it, but it would be too close to the marks and that makes me nervous. I could make the new bed shorter, but then it wouldn't "match" the other one and that might bother me!

So this morning I took a shower, then got Caitlin a pair of jeans to go with her tie dye shirt she has to wear today. She then tells me that one of her teachers said they had to wear a skirt or shorts. UM that would have been nice to know YESTERDAY?! Since our dryer is broke, I have been doing minimal laundry because I have to hang it up outside.

I did another flower bed and the pile of rocks is not getting any smaller! Good thing I have five more to do! Yes, we have seven existing flower beds in our yard.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What I have been up to!

Well I want to put a new flower bed in out front so I called the "Call before you dig" people. The utilities company's have been very busy marking things for me. I have yellow, blue, green and red spray paint in our yard and on the drive way. So far none will interfere with the new bed I want to put in!

Here is our mountain of rocks!

Here is what I am doing with our mountain of rocks!

I can not wait till I get all of the flower beds done! I am so excited that our rocks finally got here. I was waiting on them last week, and they did not come, so I finally called them and told them not to bring them because I did not want a mountain of rocks in our yard for the BBQ!

Caitlin had an appointment with the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor yesterday. She has failed several hearing tests at school. They continue to test her in hopes she will eventually pass. Turns out, after a few months and some anti biotic, she still has gooey fluid behind her ear drums. She had another hearing test along with some wax cleaned out of her ears. She will be getting tubes and have her tonsils and adenoids removed June 4th. Wish my little girl luck!

My husband got a new tattoo for his birthday! He got the girls initials on his arms. CM for Caitlin Marie, and ZN for Zoe Nessa

Caitlin has a school program May 18th and her class picnic! Wish for good weather! Don't want a bunch of kindergarten's with colds.

Well our dinosaur dryer broke. I suppose we could get it fixed, but if we fix the problem who says we aren't going to have future problems with it. The pilot light will not stay lit, which means we can not even dry one load since the flame goes on and off several times. Guess it is time to go dryer shopping.

Well I guess I am done chattering, so my post is not much longer then it is already!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday My Love!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of those mothers out there!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

busy busy

Today I was sooo busy. I went shopping for the BBQ, did some picking up outside, potted the plant that Caitlin grew at school for me for Mothers day, set up a "wasp" catcher thing, set up a humming bird feeder, set up another bird feeder (we like birds) and mowed our lawn.

I have not mowed anything in over twelve years. I was just a kid when I mowed last, and it took me forever. Our yard in Cotton was so huge, I divided it into four sections, only because the riding lawn mower was broke, and once I finished with the fourth section, I had to start over again! All I did for two summers was mow the lawn.

We like birds. I was watching TV one day and they had something on Animal Planet about being able to create a bird sanctuary and being "certified" or something like that. Well Id love to do that, but I guess I like to do it more for fun and its very interesting to watch all of the different kind of birds that our yard sees! Then Tony found something on the "wiki how to" about birds, and what kind of feeders are best. Apparently birds also like bird baths, or other water features. I did not know that! I guess I knew they liked bird baths, but thats all I ever thought about. It was very informative, and I actually moved one of our feeders to best suit the birds.

Ok time for bed. I have to clean the inside of the house tomorrow morning.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


(yes Kim & Randall you ARE invited :P )

How long does it take to plan a BBQ for several people?? Hmm guess we will see if I can pull it off in about two days!! Because its happening Saturday @ 2pm! We will be celebrating Tony's 29th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! (its not till Monday, but BBQ's are better on weekends, I think anyways...)

*makes a grocery shopping list*

hot dogs & buns
burgers & buns
baked beans
potato salad
snacky things
ice cream

The party is BBYB, so I don't have to worry about beverages, but I am going to have some pink lemonade for the kiddos...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Well lets see...

We are growing...

Two beautiful little girls
Two tadpoles
Black eyed Susans

Things we are not growing

DANDELIONS! They are so dieing! I like weed & feed!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Have you ever...

done something when you were a kid that sticks in your memory like glue?? Today, I decided that the four of us should go tadpole hunting, catch them and let them grow before our eyes!

When I was a kid, this was an almost every year event. We would catch them, and either keep them in a five gallon bucket, or put them in my cousins old bathtub (it lived outside) that also housed a few turtles from time to time., and watch them grow!

No one seemed to know WHERE I could find tadpoles! So I drove to the closet place I knew where there might be some water. My husband directed a little bit further and off to a dirt road.
Well after walking down a steep hill with the girls who were scared, I figured the water was moving to fast, so we drove further down the road.

Earlier in the day, someone in TFMR said to just go buy some. I thought HA! BUY TADPOLES?? Who buys tadpoles?

We found a swampy area further down the road and Tony & I searched for tadpoles. There were dozens of frogs, but no tadpoles, no eggs. So I gave up and asked Tony if we could buy some silly tadpoles.

So now, we have two tadpoles that are HUGE compared to my childhood memories of them, an aquarium and food. I asked the guy at PETCO what kind of frog they will grow into, he said a bullfrog. How awesome is that?!

I really think the four of us had fun "tadpole" hunting even though it ended with a trip to the pet store! hehe

Sunday, May 06, 2007


It finally rained!

Now I hope it stops for a bit so my dump truck load of rocks can be delivered!!! :D

I made a "household" & "outdoor" to do list. Tony and I already finished a couple things on the list! We ROCK!! :D (now to NOT loose the list... and to keep going! hehe) Some of them are projects that we can not do alone. Like, we really need new windows, at least in the basement. They are horrible down there! But fortunately most of the things we can do ourselves and for not a lot of money!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


*starts doing a rain dance*

I guess its still supposed to rain Sunday Monday Tuesday & Wednesday... meanwhile the weeds are mounting!

I just want to put down the weed & feed in our yard!

Friday, May 04, 2007


So I said I would be outside weed & feeding the yard Saturday morning, yet its supposed to rain. Hmm the package says not to "rinse" grass for two days. I guess I wont be weed & feeding the yard tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the grass is always greener...

So why is it that *I* want nice green full grass... The guy a couple houses down the road has never (that I have seen) taken any time to do anything in his front yard and yet he has the most green grass on the block?! In fact, there was a huge piece of plastic just floating around in his front yard for three days. Ive never seen him pick up a rake, nothing.

I have raked leaves, and sticks, and nut shells (we have lots of nut trees here I guess...) We even cut down two big bushes out front that caused moss to grow in our front yard.

Saturday morning, if there is no chance of rain, I will be out back, spreading WEED&FEED on our lawn. We have just about every kind of weed known to man that lives in Iowa growing in our back yard. MUST KILL THE WEEDS.