Thursday, May 24, 2007


Some times change is good sometimes it is bad. Next year Caitlin will be attending a different elementary school because when we moved into our house, we were outside of the school district for her current school. So we will see if she moves easily into the first grade. I hope it goes well, and I have told her a few times to tell her class that she is going to a different school next year so hopefully they pass it on to their parents and contact us. I am sure it probably wont happen the way I hope it will, so I might send something to school with Caitlin with her name and our phone number. You never know, maybe she made some really great friends.

I am unsure if she has any particular friends from her class this year. She never comes home and talks about the same kid twice. She talks about them all equally. In preschool, she would often come home talking about the same two girls.

Also with her getting tubes and having her tonsils and adenoids removed, she will be able to hear better, or so we all hope. I hope she will pass her hearing tests at her new school, since she failed all but one at her current school.

As far as home goes, I can not wait till she can hear me. I often get frustrated and end up yelling because she can not hear me, then I feel horrible. I don't like yelling at my kids, or being short with them, but sometimes it happens. I am hoping it will happen less after the tubes. I also can not wait to not have cartoons blaring early in the morning!!

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