Friday, May 18, 2007

Busy busy again!

Today was kind of a long day. Got the kids up and dropped Caitlin off at school, then went my usual Friday morning grocery shopping. Also I picked up a few non grocery items such as bug killer for my flower bed, some sand box toys, shave gel, razors, and some bug defense stuff that you spray around the inside and outside of your house.

Then at 9:30, Tony, Zoe and I were off to the school for Caitlin's "music program". I think it lasted about an hour, which is a long time for Zoe & Caitlin! I am way impressed by their behavior!

After leaving the school, we had to go get some lunch. We went to Burger King, then drove to Big Blue to eat our food. After that, we decided we better swing by the rent a center to see about getting a new dryer. We found one for 199, 90 days same as cash. We can totally come up with 199 before our 90 days. It is used, but it also is a decade newer then the current one that no longer wants to work.

After rent a center, I talked hubby into actually buying the sand box this week. *I* have only been talking about getting one since we moved in, figured since they were on sale a couple of weeks ago for almost 15$ off, and we had a rain check, we would stop and get one if they were in. We now have a box.full.of.sand. hehe The girls have been in there a lot already.

I managed to get in a nap as Tony trimmed the bigger branches of the tree I started on the other day. I guess I am not strong enough to use the giant cutters.

Around 4ish Tony's brother came to get him so they could go to a Psychostick concert in Cedar Falls. After they left, I called and asked MIL & FIL if the girls and I could join them for supper! So we all met at pizza ranch, and after going our separate ways, the girls, again, played in the sand box.

Ok so I guess I didn't do much today, but it sure feels like I did a ton!

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