Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the grass is always greener...

So why is it that *I* want nice green full grass... The guy a couple houses down the road has never (that I have seen) taken any time to do anything in his front yard and yet he has the most green grass on the block?! In fact, there was a huge piece of plastic just floating around in his front yard for three days. Ive never seen him pick up a rake, nothing.

I have raked leaves, and sticks, and nut shells (we have lots of nut trees here I guess...) We even cut down two big bushes out front that caused moss to grow in our front yard.

Saturday morning, if there is no chance of rain, I will be out back, spreading WEED&FEED on our lawn. We have just about every kind of weed known to man that lives in Iowa growing in our back yard. MUST KILL THE WEEDS.

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