Sunday, May 20, 2007

Who let the dog out?!

Sooo I was outside on the porch smoking, when across the street, this big dog, is walking down the side walk like he owns it. He stopped to pee on the neighbors yard bag, then he crossed the street and came straight at me, stopping at our yard bag then on to my car tires. I stomped my feet and the dog didn't even flinch. He continued on to my back yard. When I went inside I heard him in our garage messing with the trash bags. So I called the cops!

The cops came, and I told the cop he could go back there first! He shined his light around as I told him what kind of dog it was or at least a description, and that it was wearing a blue harness.

Just after he headed back to his car, I heard the dogs down the street freaking out. I told the cop that I'd look over there. Then just after he got back in his car to drive down the road three driveways, I heard the worst noises I have ever heard coming from two dogs. Apparently, the loose dog attacked a Malamute that was chained up in the back yard. It sounded horrible and seemed to go on forever. The cop ended up spraying the dog with pepper spray.

After the owners had came home (oh yea they were not even home!), a bunch of neighbors that had witnessed the attack were talking, when one lady was on her cell phone, and told us all that the same dog has attacked before. And yes, they are putting the dog to sleep, and the Malamute has a few puncture wounds, and is a bit upset.

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