Saturday, May 19, 2007

things i did TODAY!

-sprayed the outside of the house, patio and garage with bug killer stuff
-sprinkled a different kind of bug stuff in my flower garden
-mowed the grass
-picked up more rocks under the snowball bush tree thing
-spread weed & feed under the snowball bush tree thing
-planted my "flowers" (the ones I started from seeds)
-dug up three bushes, roots and all
-filled in the holes from bushes and covered with "peat"
-trimmed the flowers lining the back wall of the garage to give my Daisy's & Black Eyed Susan's some sun
-filled the pool
-called out for food (this was the hardest obviously)

I feel like I am forgetting something! Oh and I did most of the above before noon. The stuff that came after noon was filling the pool and covering the holes. I was outside for almost 11 hours today! Pretty good for someone who does not like being outside!

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