Friday, May 11, 2007

busy busy

Today I was sooo busy. I went shopping for the BBQ, did some picking up outside, potted the plant that Caitlin grew at school for me for Mothers day, set up a "wasp" catcher thing, set up a humming bird feeder, set up another bird feeder (we like birds) and mowed our lawn.

I have not mowed anything in over twelve years. I was just a kid when I mowed last, and it took me forever. Our yard in Cotton was so huge, I divided it into four sections, only because the riding lawn mower was broke, and once I finished with the fourth section, I had to start over again! All I did for two summers was mow the lawn.

We like birds. I was watching TV one day and they had something on Animal Planet about being able to create a bird sanctuary and being "certified" or something like that. Well Id love to do that, but I guess I like to do it more for fun and its very interesting to watch all of the different kind of birds that our yard sees! Then Tony found something on the "wiki how to" about birds, and what kind of feeders are best. Apparently birds also like bird baths, or other water features. I did not know that! I guess I knew they liked bird baths, but thats all I ever thought about. It was very informative, and I actually moved one of our feeders to best suit the birds.

Ok time for bed. I have to clean the inside of the house tomorrow morning.

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