Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What I have been up to!

Well I want to put a new flower bed in out front so I called the "Call before you dig" people. The utilities company's have been very busy marking things for me. I have yellow, blue, green and red spray paint in our yard and on the drive way. So far none will interfere with the new bed I want to put in!

Here is our mountain of rocks!

Here is what I am doing with our mountain of rocks!

I can not wait till I get all of the flower beds done! I am so excited that our rocks finally got here. I was waiting on them last week, and they did not come, so I finally called them and told them not to bring them because I did not want a mountain of rocks in our yard for the BBQ!

Caitlin had an appointment with the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor yesterday. She has failed several hearing tests at school. They continue to test her in hopes she will eventually pass. Turns out, after a few months and some anti biotic, she still has gooey fluid behind her ear drums. She had another hearing test along with some wax cleaned out of her ears. She will be getting tubes and have her tonsils and adenoids removed June 4th. Wish my little girl luck!

My husband got a new tattoo for his birthday! He got the girls initials on his arms. CM for Caitlin Marie, and ZN for Zoe Nessa

Caitlin has a school program May 18th and her class picnic! Wish for good weather! Don't want a bunch of kindergarten's with colds.

Well our dinosaur dryer broke. I suppose we could get it fixed, but if we fix the problem who says we aren't going to have future problems with it. The pilot light will not stay lit, which means we can not even dry one load since the flame goes on and off several times. Guess it is time to go dryer shopping.

Well I guess I am done chattering, so my post is not much longer then it is already!

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