Monday, May 07, 2007

Have you ever...

done something when you were a kid that sticks in your memory like glue?? Today, I decided that the four of us should go tadpole hunting, catch them and let them grow before our eyes!

When I was a kid, this was an almost every year event. We would catch them, and either keep them in a five gallon bucket, or put them in my cousins old bathtub (it lived outside) that also housed a few turtles from time to time., and watch them grow!

No one seemed to know WHERE I could find tadpoles! So I drove to the closet place I knew where there might be some water. My husband directed a little bit further and off to a dirt road.
Well after walking down a steep hill with the girls who were scared, I figured the water was moving to fast, so we drove further down the road.

Earlier in the day, someone in TFMR said to just go buy some. I thought HA! BUY TADPOLES?? Who buys tadpoles?

We found a swampy area further down the road and Tony & I searched for tadpoles. There were dozens of frogs, but no tadpoles, no eggs. So I gave up and asked Tony if we could buy some silly tadpoles.

So now, we have two tadpoles that are HUGE compared to my childhood memories of them, an aquarium and food. I asked the guy at PETCO what kind of frog they will grow into, he said a bullfrog. How awesome is that?!

I really think the four of us had fun "tadpole" hunting even though it ended with a trip to the pet store! hehe

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