Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays

Well the girls and I went up north to see my aunt and uncle...Got there around 5 on Christmas Eve. Of course, Zoe spiked a fever and complained of her ear hurting. She was up all night screaming and crying :( My poor Zoe.. So I drove home Christmas Day and got home around midnight. Zoe was not feeling well at all, she didnt even open her gifts! :(

The girls got some really fun stuff. They got a puppet theater, a family of puppets, some roylaty puppets, a cookie baking set, a pastry baking set, silverware, utensil set, bedding, really cute clothes, and pajamas!

We are having a problem with Caitlin lieing latley. So last night after the kids puppet show, tony and i did one. We did a alternative to Peter & the Wolf. hehe

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