Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day before Christmas...Con't.

We had an early Christmas here at our house. Part of our early Christmas was the party we had last weekend.

Saturday morning, R & K , and B & K came over to open presents with the girls since we would be gone for Christmas Eve & Day.

Zoe actually got to open her presents because she wasnt ill yet. She did need some help because she wanted to play with the first one she opened. Then the second... then the third.... lol

Heres some pics of their gifts!

Caitlins Doodle doggie!

Zoes Doodle kitty!

Littlest Pet Shop Biggest Pet Shop!



More... lol ok we dont have ALL these, but we do have MOST of them... I was tring to get it to show the page with our pets saved, but its not gonna happen i guess...

Caitlin asked for this dog. A dog with a collar. I was completly baffled... I had no clue what she was talking about. One day when i was at Fleet Farm, I asked. They showed me the wake up rescue pet! LOL OK now i was getting some where. Kim had asked me what else to get the girls, and the dog popped into my head! Heres their dogs!

Caitlins Rescue Wake Me up Pet - She named her dog Sofie

Zoes Rescue Pet Zoe named her dog PeanutButter

The girls carried their pups every where when we were gone... They barked most of the way to WI but I finally shut them off! LOL

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