Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas / Winter Break

UGH! Who came up with this horrible two week off crap? Dont they know kids get bored to tears when they are at home for this long? Dont they know parents get bored to tears LISTENING to how bored the kids are?? WHYYYY WHYYY WHYY Do they put us thru this?!

With all the toys they got for Christmas, you would think they would have stuff to do all day every day for the rest of the next year... but noooo....

Caitlin has been talking non stop! Even the entire ride to Hayward, and part of the way home, she chattered. Endlessly. About nothing. Kinda like im doing here. LOL

Then there is Zoe, who can not pass a day with out throwing a fit. She constantly asks for food. Zoe -"Mom can I have fruit snacks?"
me - "you just had some"
Zoe - "mom can i have..."
me - NO you just ate breakfest...and you didnt even finish it.
(she will ask every minute for the next twenty mins) ...
then she moves on to
Zoe - "MOM can i have a cereal bar?"
me - NOOOOOOOOOOOoo (again every min for the next twenty.)
Zoe - "MOM can i have juice?"
me - "Sure you can have some juice" *pours juice into cup*


Then some where in there every day she throws a fit... even if I say things like "You have finish your cereal first" or "After Dora is over you can" or "You can have some after you finish eating your lunch"



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Faith said...

christmas here was quiet in sheffield with no kids and no people around. I prefered it that way as i could do my own thing. Ive got two dogs so I suppose these are my children. Im so glad Christmas is now over new day to look forward to and the christmas mayhem over. Theres still the sales to get through with all the people dashing about like ants and midgets, where do they find all this money to spend even after christmas?