Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 9

Tuesday was weird again. We went home to spend some time together as a family and for me to get some more house work done. I get a call right away in the morning. "My laundry hamper is too heavy. I cant move it, I need some help". Okay... Take half of the laundry out, haul it to the laundry room, then go back for the other half. "Well... um... hmm... its heavy." Okay.. I tell her she is an adult, she can handle that. Few hours later, I get another phone call. "i am dizzy.. very dizzy" ...Well what do you want me to do? She checked her blood sugar, and it was fine, so it was not that. Seriously. What else could I do? I told her to go lay down for a nap.

We travel back to R&C's house in the early afternoon. Jodi was still taking a nap. That did not suprise me much considering she slept all day on Sunday and Monday.

Before dinner, I went to go take a nap. Just as I fall asleep, I hear Tony calling for me. I kept saying What? Whats wrong? as I was walking up the steps. No one answered as to what was wrong. Well I guess, according to Jodi, she passed out and fell to the floor. According to Tony, she FLOPPED out of her chair (last i knew, you go limp when you pass out, so FLOPPING out of the chair is just ... well... weird) onto the floor. So much for my nap. Yes. I know that was a bit selfish of me to think about my nap, but when someone says the "passed out" and someone who I trust the truth from, tells me she "flopped out of her chair onto the floor"... Hmm ... Well I guess when Tony was on the floor saying her name, he grabed her hand, she grabed his, then let go all of a sudden like OMG Im busted, or some shit.

I just have a really hard time beliving what she says. She tends to lie to get her way. I know most of the reason she called about the laundry and then later about being dizzy was her tring to get us back there. Then when we did get back, she went on and on about how she misses her mom and Ron. So that kind of confirmed what i thought.

Again, I am going to say this. I do NOT have to be there 24 hours a day to "babysit" her. Her mom even lets her be home alone for many hours at a time. R&C told me and her that I do not have to sit there with her all day.

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