Monday, March 13, 2006

Day 8

Today was weird. It snowed a lot... about 8 inches or so. Not like thats a big deal because we DO live in Wisconsin. School was delayed two hours even though all the schools around here were closed. The owner of the preschool called around 7ish this morning to tell me preschool was closed, good thing too because I would have taken Caitlin to school. Last time we got a bunch of snow, I called to see if there still was preschool, she told me yes, as long as the schools have regular school, there will be preschool. I wasnt sure about the delay, so I was just going to take Caitlin in at 10. Good thing she called.

Jodi turns weird when ever my husband is around. Im not sure why, but it just happens. She did her normal blurbing out stuff that no one needs to know, then felt the need to make up for it for the rest of the day. After making Tony feel like shit, I chewed her out. I did not yell, I just was very firm in what I said. When I was finished, I told her at least three times NOT to applogize to Tony because it would just upset him more.

I love my husband so much. I wish R&C would realize just how much I really do love him. I can honestly say I truely am still IN love with him. He does so much for the girls and I. I try to thank him for what he does for us, but I do not as often as I should. He is my rock. Why dont they see this?? I wish I could just tell them to lay off. I am not sure how they would react if I did say something, but I really wish I had the guts to say anything. Maybe after we make our complete move, then I will be able to say something since we wont be living under their "roof". It is down right exhausting being caught in the middle. I love them too. They have done so much for me before I met and married Tony. They continue to help now and then. I will never be able to repay them for all they have done for me and my family. I guess thats why it is so hard to say ... anything.

I really can not wait to get home. I miss our little home. Even though it is an apartment, it is our home. Any where we end up, as long as we are together, will be our home. Yes I know what I just said about us being together is what makes it a home, but I feel so out of place here. Its not OURS, if you know what I mean. Its not our bed we are sleeping in, its not our couch we are sitting on, its not our TV that we are watching, we do not have the same closeness here as we do at home. I feel like we have to tip toe all around here. I am in the "red" room right now. I was told not to come in here. Why I am not sure. But here I am, because this is where the internet connection is. Why can we not be in this room? I dunno. whatever.

I can not wait to have a conversation with my husband when there are no nosy ears listening to every little word we whisper. Jodi is so nosy about everything. I cant even go outside at night with out hearing "Oh I heard you go outside last night at *insert time here*" ... SO WHAT! I went out side. big freakin deal. Stop watching the clock! Grrr

We dont have a TV in our bedroom at home. All the tv watching we do is in our living room. The girls have a TV in their room. So Tony and I were taking advantage of having a bedroom with a TV when we hear this strange noise. Then we see Jodis head peek around the corner of the door. She brought me my laundry. She folded my laundry. As if it were another guesture to "applogize" for her earlier behavior. I felt like MY space was invaded. She never comes down stairs, partly because she is in a friggen wheelchair... AND there is nothing down here that she needs to get at. Why is she so damn nosy?? UGh...

*** Four very long days left

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