Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 3

Day 3

Day three was interesting. I dropped Caitlin off at school, and then Zoe and I went home. Tony was sleeping, and so Zoe and I took a nap. The phone rang; it was Jodi. She said that she was going to go to the store for some stuff; shower shine, cat treats, Clorox wipes, and the taco mix thing that Ron didn’t pick up. I told her do NOT go to the store, I had been told by R&C not to let her go to the store.

Zoe and I went to Wal-Mart after being awoken from our wonderful slumber. I decided to pick up some Clorox wipes in case I could not find any at R&Cs house. I also got Jodi the kitty treats that she wanted so bad.

When I first got to Wal-Mart, I noticed the bus that takes Jodi everywhere. I almost went up to the driver to see if he was there waiting for Jodi, but I didn’t. I quickly walked around the entire store to make sure Jodi was not there. I didn’t see her, so I did my shopping and left.

When we got home, I waited a bit before I woke up Tony. I am really glad that we got to visit a bit. I really missed him when he was out of town, and then now working.

I made a soft taco bake (kit) for dinner. As always, it was very yummy. I gave the kids a bath put them to bed then went and laid in bed to watch some TV. I ended up falling asleep sometime after 8:00 pm and before 11:00pm. Caitlin came in at 11:00 and woke me up for something to drink. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before I took my pills so I took them late, and now Ill be tired all day Thursday.

Everything else is good I guess

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