Saturday, March 18, 2006

WOW Lots of stuff going on…

… Jodi went back into the hospital last night for seizures and was transported to Marshfield this morning, so Ron and Carol are headed down there today to be with her, she has tests on Monday & Tuesday

… I talked to my Grandma Lill and she is moving into an assisted living apartment complex. She is 86 and I guess she is going down hill. Grandma spent a couple of weeks in the hospital this month.

… My dads phone is disconnected. I tried to call him about Caitlin’s birthday party!

… My aunt from Colorado is coming tomorrow to help get Grandmas stuff organized and weeded out since she will have less space in her new apartment. I think she will be here to help move and stuff also.

… Last night after I fell asleep, Zoe came into my room and woke me up. I guess she learned how to climb out of her crib! Great! NOTHING is safe from Zoe now! Id put up a baby gate, but that doesn’t do much good when Caitlin just takes it down when she wants to go where ever. We never had to deal with Caitlin crawling out of her crib since she was in a toddler bed at nine months old. She was walking and talking and would get her arms and legs stuck in the bars, so it was good for her then.

… I have clean dishes. I have no dirty dishes! This is amazing! I always have dirty dishes, but now I have none.

… I went through a bunch of stuff in our storage room. I moved the dresser back into my room so I have room to actually move in there when I am sorting through stuff!

… I took out the trash on my own; TWICE. All by myself! I still have desk parts that need to go to the trash, but give it time.

… I left the house today. I had to meet someone in Trego to give the rollerblades. She contacted me through freecycle. I like freecycle even though some people are weird. They ask for lots of stuff. Greedy people I tell ya! Also, I thought that the group I was in was for people in OUR area. The lady who wants the other rollerblades lives in Eau Claire. That’s almost two hours away from here. She would meet me in Rice Lake, but sheesh, that’s too far to drive to GIVE someone a pair of rollerblades!

… My children are pushing my buttons today. They keep getting into the pantry and bringing food in their room. The bad part is, I am sitting right here and I can see when they come and go from the kitchen but I have not seen them take any food! Sneaky little squirrels! Zoe has also started to dump her milk by squeezing the lid on the sippy cup.

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