Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You know your fat when...

... someone asks you how far along you are. OMFGWTFBBQ! Why would you ask someone that if you didnt know for sure if they were pregnant or not??? HELLO? ugh... so yea.

So for the most part, other then it being a four letter word, I like work. I like work at KRAFT. I am still looking for a nice desk job because that i could do full time where as the KRAFT thing my body can only handle so much... I stand and walk a lot. The plant is HUGE. I wouldnt mind, but i get wayyy warm when I walk to do the trash and collect cardboard n stuff.

So everyone says "your moving to IOWA?" or "you moved HERE?" like there is some big horrible thing about Mason City, Iowa. There are the same type of people everywhere you go. There will always be the gossipers, the trouble starters, the lazy bastages that dont do jack shit... and so on. Some one asked me before I moved here "why do you think MC IA would be better then any of the other places you lived?" My reply was "nothing... I am not expecting anything to be any different."

OK im being wayyy tooo wordy...

So anyways...


just kidding


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