Friday, June 30, 2006

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where you think you should just go back to bed and start over? I had one of those today...

So I got up gave the kids breakfest n stuff, then around 10 I showered and got ready for work at noon... I had errands to run.. Well I stopped at the bank to open a checking account, and failed. I guess my other bank gave our stuff to check systems... great...

Well after that, I drove around and went to Walmart... by then I had to go eat so I could be to work on time. Well I got to work a bit early, so I sat in the car and checked my yahoo mail on my phone and added some stuff to it... Well anyways... At 11:45, I went inside.. I went to sign in (we have to sign in and out, and punch in and out lol) and I hear this girl being told that she should have been called because they cut hours due to one of the machines being down. Well Dan saw me and said "Hey! Your in the same boat as she is! Yours were cut too. Didnt they call you?" Um no? If they did, i would not be there right? LOL So I asked if I could get my 3 free cases of pudding, got them and left.

Wow. Its noon, what do i do? Well I figured it would be a good day to bring my resumes to the other temp agencys that work more with office jobs... So I drive to the one temp agency on my list... Personet or how ever its spelled.. I grab my resume off the top of my large stack and head on in fearless. They have a sign in the window that says "We help you find great jobs!" So I walked in and said "Im looking for a great job!" lol anyways... I gave her my resume and she handed me a stack of paper work. I was totally not prepared for about half the stuff on there. How could I be soooo unprepared?? UGh... So I go home and fill out paper work .

BLEH! Tomorrow is another day.

AND I asked if my hours for tomorrow and Sunday got cut, and they did not! WHOOHOO!

I like having a job. They mail me money.

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Redlamp said...

Why have you abandoned us????


We miss you.