Thursday, June 08, 2006

What Ive been up to

Well I had a "thingy" at Kelly Temp. Services this morning from 8:30 -12:30pm. I filled out an application for KTS then had an interview, then progressed into KTS and KRAFT's policys. The temp job is for 7$ an hour for a six hour shift, for as many or little as you would like. You can only work up to 1000 hours, then you must be let go for 90 days, but after that 90 days you can start back up again. Now... I heard that if you actually work for KRAFT and not thru KTS, you would make an additional 5$ an hour, but those are 12 hour days. Um no thank you.... lol my feet would murder me.

Any whoo... I have a "drug" screening tomorrow at 9am, and from here, I will be waiting on the results of that and my background check.

I guess I should have told them about that job with the Secret Service that I had as an international spy a few years back. Oh well...

Life is good, for the most part... well other then neither of us having a full time job at the moment, but the sun is shining a bit brighter these days.

I guess I havnt blogged lately because I am used to doing it on MY computer...well, the stolen internet is only on hubbys computer for now :(

ALSO... If I am a regular reader to your blog, I have not done so since I have been down here, so please... EMAIL me your blog addy so I can get caught up! (i n s o m n i a c r e d AT G M A I L DOT COM) kthnx

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