Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

Ya I feel old... Kim found a grey hair on the back of my head last night... Caitlin kept asking why I had a grey hair. I told her its because she talks too much. She didnt fall for that...

Well I called Target today... The HR person was not in, but I talked to someone that was able to tell me that they had already filled the two only positions. :/

So after finding out that news, I called Comfort Inn, and the lady was not there, so I left a voice message for her. I also called Farm & Fleet to see if they reviewed my application.

Wonderful. Van payment due in four days along with car insurance by Monday. Yippie!

Other then that I didnt do much of anything today. Didnt feel like it...

Kim is going to watch the girls tonight so I can go out the the bar that Tony DJ's at... I hope I have some form of fun.

Caitlin kept asking me "Can we bake you a cake?" I said "No, I want an icecream cake and it would melt if you baked it"

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