Saturday, July 08, 2006


Today was Saturday. Duh. It was also my day of nothing. The only thing that I had planned for today was to go weekly grocery shopping with FIL to help out with what we eat. After our trip to the store, I went shopping with MIL. Well sorta.. we went to Target then to Arbys. I have issues with dairy products sometimes, but they had a Orange creame swirl shake that sounded wayy yummy... so i got one.. few mins later my tummy started to gurgle.. so instead of finishing our shopping trip at another couple of stores, I asked her to take me and my rumblin tummy home. Well I ended up taking a nap and not doing much after that...

The kids are STILL up and its 11:09! Grr..

Ok anyways I still did not get my paycheck. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I am M A D. lol ok it better be on my payroll card by 12:01am or Im gonna be pissy when I make it to work at noon.

Going to play scrable then to bed!

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