Friday, August 03, 2007

Bad mother bad wife bad pet owner

I killed the frogs. Not on purpose, but accidentally. I think they dried out when I put in the organic dirt. *sigh*

My husband could not find pants or a shirt today because I thought I only had to do his laundry for work once a week, because I thought he had enough clothes. Oh, and I forgot to buy an ironing board when I went shopping. And no I don't have a surface that I can iron on. *sigh*

Something got into our trash last night. Again. It seems to be happening once every couple of weeks. Its getting old. I would put my trash can into the garage, but that would be too easy.


Phear said...

...and a bad husband, who is never home, and somehow STILL FAILS to be able to make enough money to pay bills...

i know you'll leave me someday for someone who can give you the attention you need. i'm not ok with it yet

InsomniacRed said...

quit being a butthead :P~