Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NOW its over!

WHOOHOO! The workers came today to finish putting the celing back up! We are officially DONE!

And in other news, Zoe and I went to our second play group! WHOOHOO! We had fun, we painted, played with playdough, dressed up for halloween, played with a few other kids, and ate some lunch!

Then later, one of therapists came to work with Zoe. She is in the birth to 3 program for Speach Therapy, and they come work with the kids in several other areas that go along with learning. We (meaning I) freaked out because she was almost two and should be saying about 20 words and she was only saying about 3 and not on a regular basis. She has progressed a LOT in the last five months! She now jabbers in that language that only babies can understand, will try to tell us things, and now she copies what we say to her!

Ahhh *takes shoes off and puts feet up*

The life of a mom

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Stine said...

That's sweet! I'm glad she's improving! Now, just wait until you wanna shut her up! :)