Saturday, June 09, 2007

All about green

What are you doing to live more green? Do you know what I am talking about? Have you switched to compact florescent light bulbs yet? Do you recycle anything that you can? Do you have a compost pile?

We currently have four more light bulbs to replace with the compact florescent ones. Yes, they are expensive you say, but they last up to 8 years, compared to the one year if that of the other bulbs and our electric / gas company gives a 2 dollar rebate for each bulb you replace! You also save money on your electric bill by having them. I am sure if you write to GE and let them know that you would like some money saving coupons on their bulbs, they might send you coupons. Also, the GE bulbs have a 8 year warranty so if any expire before they should, call the company or write, and they will replace them. (don't forget to save your receipts along with the upc) I did this, I had TWO bulbs burn out, and they sent me TWO coupons for free bulbs up to 20$ a piece. So like my frugal self, (sometimes) I searched for the biggest box of bulbs! I ended up getting 8 bulbs at the cost of 31$ for FREE!

I try to recycle anything that I can. Wether its putting it in the blue bin for Mondays pick up, or reusing it with in our house hold, I just do it. Also, recycling saves on trash! We have to pay an extra dollar to set out a bag next to our trash can, so if I can recycle, we don't have to put out that extra bag!

Today, I am starting a compost pile! Eww you say? If done right, your compost pile should not stink! Besides, think about how much trash you are NOT putting into the land fills between food scraps & yard waste! I started gardening for the first time this year, and I can NOT wait to be able to use the compost in our flower beds and yard!

So thats what I am doing with my family to be more green! What are YOU doing? One person can not make a difference. Think again. Teach your children to live more green and then there will be more people!


greg said...

You Should also check out GreenLights USA, I bought my bulbs from them because they give 10% of their profits back to other green organizations. I know they aren't the cheapest but I felt like I was doing more for the environment by buying from them than just buying from a BIG company just out to line their own pockets.

You should check them out --

InsomniacRed said...

awesome! thanks for the link!