Friday, June 15, 2007

A new family member...

No I am not pregnant, and do not ever intend to be again! We are however, obtaining another family member soon! When exactly I am unsure of, but the neighbors down the street are looking to give away a dog. The dog belongs to the lady's ex boyfriend, and he does not appear to be coming back for it. She put a few ads in the paper and told everyone she knows with out anyone wanting the poor dog. I told her that if she gets him fixed, I will take him. So when ever that happens, we will gain a dog.

His name is Hershel and he is a three year old chocolate lab. He is very friendly and just needs a good home. She is hardly ever home, just has no time for another dog, as she already has a pit bull.

The way life works is kind of funny sometimes. We were at a friends house Tuesday night, and they asked us if we wanted some chain link fence. There is at least one gate, hardware, poles, and a post hole digger. Because of the way our back yard is, we only have to shut off a small spot between our garage and the neighbors fence, then another small spot out back then the side of our house. I hope to be able to put fence around enough to have the back door open into the fenced in area. This will be so nice with two dogs and two kids! I can not wait to let Zeus run free with out the leash!

We also acquired a swing set frame with one swing. I noticed the neighbors a few houses down building a new one last weekend. I didn't want to bother them while they were building it, and then I never seemed to catch them outside! Well today, as the guy was dismantling it, I yelled over "Hey what are you going to do with that?" he says "Why, do you need a swing set?" I yelled back "yeah!". Turns out, just as I called over, he was picking up his saw to cut it up and haul it away!! Good timing huh! However, he did already bust off part of the middle legs, and cut off some of the bolts holding the end braces on, so we will have to buy some bolts, and figure out how to reattach the middle support. He said he didn't know where the swings where for it, but a few minutes later, he came over with one swing!

OH yeah... Our lawn mower died last weekend. I got two swipes around the back yard, and the throttle would not stay open. So I shut the mower off to get some wire to HOLD it open. Of course, when I got back to the mower, it would not start. So I stole all of hubby's DJ money and off I went, garage saleing. I drove by two sales, and didn't see any mowers, so I kept driving. I went down Peirce Ave. and found a sale that had four lawn mowers, four weed eaters and two chain saws. I got to pick! So $55 dollars later, I came home with a "new" mower. I get out back and start to mow, and hubby managed to START THE OLD MOWER. Grrr... oh well... It did not sound very healthy to begin with.

See the kids blog for Tadpole updates!!

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