Wednesday, June 06, 2007

whats new

Well lets see... I finished all of the flower beds, then I had to go buy flowers to put in them!!! I said I probably wasn't going to put anything in them this year, but after they were built, I just could not help myself! I got all kinds of different flowers, and don't ask me to name them because I can not pronounce half of them let alone spell them!! Pictures to come later.. I have no batteries for my camera!

Caitlin had her tonsils & adenoids out and tubes put into her ears on Monday. She is recovering very well. She was chattering as soon as she woke up. She is still on a "soft" foods diet for two weeks and still gets pain medicine every four hours, along with ear drops twice a day and amixicillin(sp) three times a day.

Thats all... I guess. lol

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